Thursday, October 6, 2016

Band of Bloggers: Vol. 10 / October 2016

Aahhh, October.  We're full steam into fall now.  Leaves are reaching full color change.  Sweaters have been hauled out of storage.  Hot chocolates are being sipped again.  Pumpkins are out.  Halloween costumes need to be picked.  Christmas trees are showing up in stores.  Wait . . . what?! 

Let's get back to the spooky task at hand.  The Band of Bloggers ghoulishly fun question for October is:
What do ghosts smell like?
Many might think that ghosts smell like musty attics, creaky floorboards, cobwebs and mothballs. To me, ghosts smell like memories, the binding of old books like my mother-in-law's collection, sawdust from the constant construction, the smell of her fajitas, or the freshly baked cakes she'd make on birthdays. Ghosts have been known to smell like camphor, the minty, pungent ingredient in Vicks VapoRub my grandma always had on hands, or the Snickers bars she would keep in the freezer. Ghosts smell like freshly poured coffee, like pillow mints, like the old coins and papers Josh's grandma's housed, like her little dogs who thought they were tougher than they were. Ghosts smell like the memories of all of the people who have left this world behind and have traveled to the great beyond. When we smell those scents in our world, we can think back upon the fallen fondly and know that they are always keeping watch over us.
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