Thursday, July 6, 2017

Band of Bloggers: Vol. 19 / July 2017

As mid-summer approaches, my mind drifts to vacation times, getaways or mini excursions out and about. One tank trips. Parks to explore. 

Do you take a summer vacation or do small getaways? What do you have planned? If not, what would be your ideal vacation or retreat? What are your favorite local haunts? Give us some places to check out!
We don't have any fun plans this summer. It has been quite a while since we've taken a vacation, we just don't have the fund to go anywhere right now. Maybe we need to book a hotel room and spend an entire day doing nothing in town. STAYCATION!!! Locally, there are tons of things to do in town! We have the zoo, the Wild Animal Park (I REFUSE to call it the Safari Park), Lego Land, tons of food places, Liberty Station, beaches, Balboa Park, Old Town...there's something for everyone in America's Finest City! My ideal retreat? I would love to go to some place where it doesn't get up to 90+ degrees on the daily! I'd love to travel to Australia on vacation. That would be incredible. 

I am not going to lie.... as summer starts revving up... I am catching myself not only daydreaming about vacation but also fall scents. I am sure it may be too early for some and others melt fall scents year 'round, but I must ask... where are you planning to order your fall smell goods from? It can be vendor wax, candles, bath and body or perfumes. <3 Just spill!
I think I will make an order from Sugar & Spice before fall actually starts so I am well prepared for the season. I might hit up a couple of vendors, actually, but I find myself so out of the loop with newbie vendors, I don't know where to start! PLEASE recommend me some new, awesome wax people to buy from!! I will probably pick up 2 more pumpkin apple candles from B&BW, only because we loved our last one from 2 years ago SO much!

Please, feel free to answer these questions in the comments section below.
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