Thursday, May 4, 2017

Band of Bloggers: Vol. 17 / May 2017

May, May, May. Welcome back, ol' friend! May is a turning point in the year for a lot of people. The school year is almost over, summer is coming soon, and those mild months will soon become scorchers. The birthstone of May is the emerald, which symbolizes love and success. This month, we're focusing on those two things!

We all love something with all our hearts, so tell us what you love the most. It could be the story of how you met your spouse/significant other, where you got your pet, or a nod to your parental units.
My husband Josh. We met online many moons ago. I surprised him by visiting his work one night, and we have been in love ever since. And we still manage to make each other laugh and be silly together, even almost 12 years later!

My dogs, Freddo and Sonny. Both of them were Christmas presents, and these two are such a funny pair. They make me laugh and smile every day!

And though I don't have pictures readily available, but also my mom, stepdad, and brother, and extended family. I couldn't ask for a better family. Finally, I also love my friends, who have been with me through this and thin, many since elementary and middle school.
Finally, I love reviewing movies! It's the coolest, most rewarding thing and I hope we are able to get paid doing it!

Other various things I love: the smell of rain on the road; shiny things; the color gold; unicorns; Mama Kat's in San Marcos; COFFEE, LOTS OF COFFEE; wax and candles (of course!); Netflix; creative writing; livestreaming movies on Instagram; Trader Joe's; a bitchin' sunset; compassion.

In terms of success, and keeping it blog related, have you ever participated in and/or completed a successful "project wax" or spring wax/perfume/makeup/scented product purge? Have you ever had so much product you felt the need to use it all up before your bought again?
I have done a few rounds of Project Wax in the past, successfully and unsuccessfully. I have bins in the bathroom and bedroom of stuff to melt, with particular scents that we like in each area. I need to purge some of my perfumes, but I've dwindled my wax stash by a lot. Had to throw some stuff away because it didn't smell at all anymore, and it was a sad, tearful day. :P I am at the point where I am not financially okay to buy more wax, so I've been using what I've got, and also burning through lots of my candles as well!

Please, feel free to answer these questions in the comments section below!

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Wax Tart Review: Supertarts Donatello

I know what you're thinking. HOLY CRAPOLA, LOLO IS BLOGGING.
For those of you in the back saying "Lolo who?" I forgive you.

Yes, I am here. I know. I know. I KNOW. I've made far too many excuses, so I'll just go with the typical "we've had so many things going on" and "I suck" answers.

I have really been trying to get back into/finding the want and desire to blog about wax, but I'll tell you the truth, it just hasn't been there. I melt occasionally, whenever the mood strikes, but my stash has dwindled so low and has gotten so old that what I have left is often too "meh" to produce a good scent. Add this on top of my non-existent wax purchasing and zero extra dollars you've got a recipe for "no new posts since XYZ."

There are so many other more efficient, better written bloggers out there now for all of your wax, candle, and scents needs, that even before mine fell into a deep, dark hole of virtual nothingness, I've sort of wondered "why bother?" Too much? Shoot, that's what you get for being honest!

Well, here I am! I'm trying to simplify things by going back to basics. Here's a wax tart review for you all.
Donatello: Lavender cream and honeydew melons
Supertarts' Donatello
Cold Rating7/10
Lit Rating: 7/10
Throw Rating7/10
Overall Rating7/10; Something about this combination does it for me. Lavender and honeydew go insanely well together. Fresh meets juicy fruit for an ultimate springtime gem. ore honeydew than lavender. Strong, but not too strong. Lasted 12 hours in the bathroom 24W hot plate. Yes, I still have a 24W hot plate. I like to live dangerously. Geeky/nerdy tart names. Dope embedded stamp on the wax. Now craving pizza.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Band of Bloggers: Vol. 16 / April 2017

It's that time of year again! As the warmer weather soothes stiff joints and brushes off the last vestiges of winter, homes beg for the same fresh start everyone promised themselves at the beginning of the year. Clothes are donated, rooms are scrubbed, and yards are tended. While the fauna leave their winter dens or return from long migrations, the world blooms with new growth in vibrant splashes of color.

For April's Band of Bloggers post, we will answer a few questions about Spring and the ever-loved Spring Cleaning. Feel free to join in and answer these questions in the comments below!

Do you decorate for Spring? 
We don't hardcore decorate for Spring, no. I put out my owl decorations and a floral garland for the fireplace, that's about it.

Are there any products you find yourself reaching for as the weather warms? This can be anything; food, clothing, bath and body, wax, you name it!
I always want berries as the weather turns warmer. Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, anything! I usually switch from peppermint soap to almond soap because it reminds me of spring. In terms of wax, not really, I melt a little more floral scented stuff. Clothing, I wish I could wear cute sandals, but I have terrible feet because of my arthritis, so nothing but tennis shoes for me. 

Do you participate in the Spring Cleaning craze?
I've participated twice. I usually get a general cleaning bug a couple of times a year, but rarely in spring. It's usually in fall and winter because of the holidays!

(I know this is late, and I apologize)

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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Band of Bloggers: Vol. 15 / March 2017

Welcome to the March edition of Band of Bloggers! Hopefully this month begins to bring more temperate weather and the first signs of spring! In my neck of the woods, conditions have been alternating between crazy heavy rain/high winds and beautiful sunshine and blooming flowers. I hope the weather will stabilize a bit this month. Since the month of March usually holds the first signs of spring, that begs the question:

What scent are your favorite scents to melt and wear for spring?
To wear, I *love* Daisy by Marc Jacobs. It's so springy, floral, and youthful. Love it! For wax, I have to have my watermelon scents, my pistachios, my wildberries, always jasmine flower scents, root beer, poppy, and tropical fruit blends! In terms of floral, I really only like jasmine and one floral candle (flower shop from B&BW, which has been rebranded to Amsterdam). Love me some fresh scents though, especially on cleaning days. I don't consider myself a seasonal melted. I have always reached for cinnamon blends in April, and I will always crave watermelon ones in December.

We hope you'll join the fun and leave your own answer in the comments below.
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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Band of Bloggers: Vol. 14 / February 2017

Welcome to the February edition of Band of Bloggers!  You're probably getting tired of winter already as we start this new month.  Maybe your thoughts are already turning towards spring, or maybe your all about Valentine's at the moment.  Hearts and roses, chocolates and cards, and special someones making you smile . . .   With all that love floating around, our question this month is quite simple.

What scent are you *loving* at the moment?
It can be anything from wax to perfume to body care to . . . whatever!

I am loving watermelon punch from Butterfly Lane Scents! I have dwindled down my "vendors to order from" list A LOT in the last few years, but Butterfly Lane has always been at the top of this list. I am also currently obsessing over coconut scented body products, my shampoo and my body wash are coconut scented madness!

We hope you'll join the fun and leave your own answer in the comments below.
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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Band of Bloggers: Vol. 13 / January 2017

Hello, dear friends! We all here at the Band of Bloggers would like to welcome you to a brand new year. We hope it will be full of good health and much happiness, and of course a plethora of fragrance. 

Let's kick off the new year but asking what your fragrant plans are for 2017. Are you trying new vendors, going on a low-buy or no-buy, or planning on burning more candles? Do you dream of new wax blends, trying out incense or something entirely different? Are perfumes, indie bath and body or artisan body care on your list? Or do you plan on making your own home made brews?

Look, I'm not going to lie to you, dear readers. I've had some money problems this last year. Between medical bills and work expenses, I haven't bought a whole lot of wax. I know I've talked about this before, successfully and unsuccessfully, but I want to melt what I have in a sort of Project Wax. My wax stash, as it were, is not incredibly large, but I want to make sure I'm using what I've got and only buy the staples I run out of. My days of experimentation are over. So, long story short, I'll *try* a low-buy this year. I plan on buying maybe two or three times next year, but not over that. I've got candles up the wazoo, so I'll continue to burn those as well ans get my stash down to a reasonable size. As far as indie vendors for bath and body products, I've not found one I'm overly fond of, to be honest. I had high hopes for some of the biggest names in indie B&B, but nothing has lived up to my expectations. Goals for aromatic related things include BLOGGING MORE. My god, I suck. I've dropped off the face of this planet on this blog and I don't want to be that person anymore, but sometimes, when I get in a rut, I only melt pink peppermint. That is my solace. <3

And do tell us what your aromatic plans and goals for 2017 include!

We, sadly, have had a few bloggers lay down their pens. And they will be deeply missed. However, we are welcoming some new bloggers to this motley and aromatic group. 


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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Band of Bloggers: Vol. 12 / December 2016

 A full year of fragrant sharing with the Band of Bloggers rounds out 2016. Thank you for supporting the blogger community and taking the time to read and participate in our posts. We will be continuing the Band of Bloggers in 2017 but with some new writers and blogs to follow. Thank you Sunnee and Michelle for this past year of fellowship. We will miss you!

Did you have any favorite wax moments this year? A vendor who went above and beyond? A blend that knocked your socks off? Did you have a RAOK or wax community experience that left you warm and fuzzy? Please share some of your favorite wax moments of 2016 with us. 

My favorite wax moment of 2016 is really an overall theme to the year, and that's buying less and melting what I have. It might sound like a cop-out, but I was on the fast track to crazytown there for a while. I couldn't stop buying, hauling, and videotaping what I'd buy, I thought for sure I was headed for addiction status. When my husband and I moved, I realized just how much wax I really had. My restraint has slipped up here and there, but I've only purchased wax a handful of times this year as opposed to a handful of times each week like the last few months. I am proud of myself, even if my blog has slipped in the meantime.

A vendor who have gone above and beyond this year is Shanna from Sugar & Spice Gourmet Soy. She always has the best, most consistent products around, and she clearly works her tail off so she can stay opened for custom orders most of the year. I just love her wax, and you should try her if you haven't done so already!

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Thank you and have a beautiful rest of 2016!