Thursday, May 4, 2017

Band of Bloggers: Vol. 17 / May 2017

May, May, May. Welcome back, ol' friend! May is a turning point in the year for a lot of people. The school year is almost over, summer is coming soon, and those mild months will soon become scorchers. The birthstone of May is the emerald, which symbolizes love and success. This month, we're focusing on those two things!

We all love something with all our hearts, so tell us what you love the most. It could be the story of how you met your spouse/significant other, where you got your pet, or a nod to your parental units.
My husband Josh. We met online many moons ago. I surprised him by visiting his work one night, and we have been in love ever since. And we still manage to make each other laugh and be silly together, even almost 12 years later!

My dogs, Freddo and Sonny. Both of them were Christmas presents, and these two are such a funny pair. They make me laugh and smile every day!

And though I don't have pictures readily available, but also my mom, stepdad, and brother, and extended family. I couldn't ask for a better family. Finally, I also love my friends, who have been with me through this and thin, many since elementary and middle school.
Finally, I love reviewing movies! It's the coolest, most rewarding thing and I hope we are able to get paid doing it!

Other various things I love: the smell of rain on the road; shiny things; the color gold; unicorns; Mama Kat's in San Marcos; COFFEE, LOTS OF COFFEE; wax and candles (of course!); Netflix; creative writing; livestreaming movies on Instagram; Trader Joe's; a bitchin' sunset; compassion.

In terms of success, and keeping it blog related, have you ever participated in and/or completed a successful "project wax" or spring wax/perfume/makeup/scented product purge? Have you ever had so much product you felt the need to use it all up before your bought again?
I have done a few rounds of Project Wax in the past, successfully and unsuccessfully. I have bins in the bathroom and bedroom of stuff to melt, with particular scents that we like in each area. I need to purge some of my perfumes, but I've dwindled my wax stash by a lot. Had to throw some stuff away because it didn't smell at all anymore, and it was a sad, tearful day. :P I am at the point where I am not financially okay to buy more wax, so I've been using what I've got, and also burning through lots of my candles as well!

Please, feel free to answer these questions in the comments section below!

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