Thursday, August 3, 2017

Band of Bloggers: Vol. 20 / August 2017

Band of Bloggers Photo
Pop quiz, hotshot: How well do you know your favourite Band of Bloggerette? Sure, we're all reasonably up to date on each other's interests, hobbies and the pretty, glittery things that make our hearts go pitter pat, but when it comes to the vitally important markers of a person's character - favourite band, desert island scent, fight stance in the zombie apocalypse - how well do we truly know our virtual neighbours? :) Let's delve into 10 deeply random questions and find out, shall we?

1. No really, zombie apocalypse survival strategy: Fight or flight?
Flight, but I ain't makin' it far. I am definitely the fat kid who gets bitten and devoured first.

2. You've been a bad, bad kitty and you have just one final meal coming your way. What's on your plate?
Chicken fried steak with seasoned fries from Mama Kat's. Gravy on the side, obvs. I'm watching my figure before I meet my maker. ;)

3. Aside from wax (or nail polish, or crafting supplies, or beauty products) what item do you have major multiples of?
MOVIES! We have over 800 DVDs and Blu-rays in our collection!

4. You've just won the lottery. Before best friends you didn't even know you had begin to show up on your doorstep, what's the first thing you buy without even thinking twice?
A brand new bed, the kind that allows you to adjust your firmness, king size, brand new bed frame, new plush sheets, new fluffy pillows, and n a partridge in a pear tree.

5. Biggest celebrity crush? This can be anybody - an actress, a musician, a fictional character from a favourite movie, book or television show, or maybe even an historical figure.
It was Alan Rickman, may he rest in peace. Now that he has passed on, it's probably Michael Shannon. No judging!

6. Flats or heels? Or are you running barefoot through life like some sort of hippie?
F-L-A-T-S. I cannot do heels.

7. Whether it was created through a customs order or simple pick-and-mix blending at home, what's the greatest scent blend you've ever stumbled upon?
Pink peppermint all the things.
Wildberry mousse vanilla bean noel from Candles from the Keeping Room.
Vanilla bean noel, sweet lavender, peppermint from Rosegirls.
Watermelon, cotton candy, melon.

8. It's snack time! Are you reaching for the sweet or the salty?
Usually salty.

9. What's a personal style moment you'd never care to re-live?
My fourth-grade frizz-fro. My mom spent hours braiding my hair into individual little strands, and it looked so cool, but my hair in my fourth-grade photo looks like someone put me in a dryer, LOL.

10. You are going to live in a biodome beneath the sea for the next three years and have been allotted space for just ONE book (tiny dome!) What cherished book will keep you entertained for the next 1095 days?
1001 Movies to See Before You Die, because if I'm stuck at sea and don't have movies, at least I can read about the ones I haven't seen!

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