Thursday, March 3, 2016

Band of Bloggers: Vol. 3 / March 2016

Welcome to the third edition of the Band of Bloggers. March is upon us and visions of spring lull us out of the winter doldrums. This month's topic sprung forth from a conversation with Deb and reading Michelle's blog post recently about Tea & Cakes being a scent trend. 

What scent trends have you noticed or have you fallen into so far this year? What do you predict being some trending scents? Scent trends can be in wax, candles, perfume, and/or body care. 
I feel like evvvvvverywhere I look this year, Pink Stiletto is a huge scent trend between vendors. I personally don't know what's in it, but it seems like it's everywhere. As for me, I have stayed in the same peppermint/minty scent trend I'm always in, I can't get enough of 'em! I'm super boring when it comes to scents and trends now, I only buy what I know I like or something in the general vicinity of what I think I'll like. I've wasted too much money buying stuff I've either hated or thrown away because it was stinky. As far as scent trends in body care, I have seen a lot of bakery scents making their way into popularity. Breads, cakes, sweets, the whole nine. Personally, I don't feel like smelling like a donut, I'll let my house take care of that! :P

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  1. Bodycology has a delicious Vanilla Cupcake scent in their body products and I love it. There are some foodie scents I wouldn't want to smell like but this one is just so cute and fun that I'm okay with it. And the other day at work I could tell someone else was wearing it. Mmmm!


    1. Okay, see, there's an example of a bakery scent I don't mind smelling on bodies! Vanilla cupcake smell is amaaaaazing! Donuts have that fried smell, you know> Cupcakes are okay! I also like cotton candy, but that's not really bakery.

  2. Yes! Mint all the things!!! You are totally right. Pink Stiletto is everywhere. It smells like a perfume from BBW or VS to me. But I have no idea.

    1. I have yet to smell it! I wonder if it's a dupe of some sort? I feel like one vendor got it and everyone else followed suit after them!

      MINT ALL THE THINGS!!!!!!!!

  3. Now we must all try Pink Stiletto. It would be cool to each do a review of it for one of our upcoming month topics, no?
    I love your predictable spirit - it is who you are and you are simply wonderful my friend!

  4. I am definitely with you on the mint, it's just perfect for any hour! It will never go out of style.


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