Thursday, April 7, 2016

Band of Bloggers: Vol. 4 / April 2016

April is upon us! The birds have returned, the Northern Hemisphere has warmed up, the plant life is blooming, and the Band of Bloggers are gearing up for another monthly post. Feel free to join us in this conversation by commenting below!

What product have you tried that has surprised you with its performance? It can be anything that comes to mind.
Many years ago, Bath & Body Works had the best Wallflower bulbs. I mean, knock you on your socks, intense scent amazingness. I'd say this was 4-6ish years ago. Now, the ones I have tried lately have been real stinkers. It's sad knowing what products used to be fantastic have now been reduced to meh. That's an older example, so let me think of something newer for y'all!

I placed my first order with Lake Providence Lodge about a year ago. This is a vendor that was super hyped up in wax groups and the like. I am always wary about hyped-up vendors because usually, I am massively disappointed when it comes time to melt me goods. I will always regret being a doubted about LPL because her wax has always been relatively consistent for me! I have not had one horrible or non-throwing product yet, to my joyful surprise! And, her scents are super realistic, too. 

Now, for a bad example. I'm all about Trader Joe's. I like to read review blogs about new products and get a sense about what people think about products they have, anything from baked goods to cookies to frozen meals. I tried these really highly recommended thai lemongrass appetizer sticks one time, they have chicken in them, and they were the most disgusting, soap-tasting baked poo-logs I have ever eaten. Disappointment doesn't even begin to cut it. Do you think you can be surprised in a bad way, or does this count more a shocked?! I don't care, I'm leaving it in so others know not to get those nasty buggers ever!!!!!! ;)

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  1. LPL is great! My sister and I split an order from her once.

    Poo logs?! Grody to the max! We don't have a Trader Joe's nearby but I am dying to go into one. I do enjoy Fresh Market and Whold Foods though they are super pricey.

    1. LPL IS great! Most of the vendors that get hyped up are done so by their own admins and friends, I'm finding. Guess you just gotta try for yourself and see!

      MAN, those were life-scarring-ly bad. UGH. I can taste them now. Ick! We rarely go to whole foods, but like to stop by Sprouts once in a blue!

  2. That's why I don't pay attention to reviews. Just because one person likes something, doesn't mean everyone else will. If something looks good to me and I'm interested, I'll probably try it. Sometimes I'll go check out reviews AFTER the fact just to see what other people think.

    I've enjoyed the Lake Providence Lodge wax that others have shared with me but I have yet to place an order myself.


    1. I used to feel the same way, but at some point, I stopped trying to avoid reviews because it was so hard not to between being in wax groups and reading the blog pages of friends. It's even more difficult being in a billion wax groups that show up on the front page of Facebook because they picked them for me. That's for another critique, but how do they decide what goes on the front page of your FB!? ANNOYING.

    2. Yeah, I don't understand how FB works anymore. I know I'm missing a lot of things because they're not showing up in my feed. I get different things on my phone than I do on my computer. It makes no sense to me. Yet I can't seen to just quit FB.


  3. Why did you have to go and remind me of the awesomeness that used to be BBW's wallflower bulbs? My Mom and I pick one up each year in the hopes that they magically got better...

    LPL! Now that is some wax I have not melted in a long time. It's funny to me how some vendors seem to stay out of my radar even when they have amazing performance. I wonder if I'm just horribly attracted to those unicorn wax companies... nooooo!

    Poo logs aren't something I would consider trying. Ever. LOL. I feel like Trader Joe's as a whole is just overpriced overhyped crap anyway. But I'm cynical like that :P

    1. The London Calling wallflower is a prime example. I used to have to unplug it from the wall it was so strong. The one I had a few years back was so pithy, I couldn't even smell it in the same room it was in. :(

      LPL YAY! I totally understand the appeal of "unicorn" companies, it's hard to keep ordering when you've got your favs.

      TJ definitely has some over-hyped, overpriced goods for sure. Their broths and pastas and soups and cereals are often much cheaper and taste just as good if not better than the brand name ones. I think I'm just bitter because of how bad they tasted, they didn't really look like poo. :P

  4. I just got a weird taste in my mouth after reading about your nasty TJ's soapy lemongrass chickens on a stick.
    Could not agree more with LPL. Need to place another order :)


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