Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Subscription Box Corner: May 2016's Flicker Box Review!

TWO UPDATES IN A ROW??? You're not dreaming! I've got a new computer and it's fast as balls...ok, that's not so nice, but it's true! It might be fast, but I lost all of my old and recent photos when I reformatted my old PC.  :(  This one is a Dell, so hopefully I'll have better luck with it than I did with my Toshiba.

I'm here to bring you my review for the May 2016 Flicker Box! I'll be honest, these are not the best photos because I took them on my old phone and when it was being a pest during its last days before it crapped out on me. Sorry they are so dark!
I loooooooooooove the card this month!
A summary of what's in the box!
Three wonderful candles, two new to me vendors!
I have been fortunate enough to try Wood & Wax Co. before, and I received one of their candles in a different subscription box at some point. Unlike other woodwick vendors, theirs aren't as loud, which I simultaneously don't mind and mind. I like my woodwick candles to be noticeable in sound, otherwise, what's the point? And sometimes, I can't hear anything from this one. No matter, I guess, it's mostly about performance! Jasmine is the front and center note of this bad boy. It's lovely, and not too strong, which puts people off of jasmine sometimes. A solid choice for a medium-throw woodwick!
Candelaria is a new to me vendor. I absolutely LOVE the way they present their products. Look at that amazing label! The sleek black candle holder is gorgeous. And, it came with a candle coaster with an intricate webbed design. You can see it if you click the link for this vendor. I use it for everything. This Stardust candle smells exactly like pink sugar to me, and I LOVVVVE IT. It is strong, and almost gone, LOL. I have burned it consistently and haven't really gotten any major tunneling that more time burning can't fix. Amazing candle, I have my eye on this vendor.
LITERARY CANDLES! YES! Emily Bronte, they say. Delicate! Hearth & Hammer gave us a Moonlit Moors soy wax candle with one wick. It's got violet and musk, and it's very dainty, almost a perfumey floral. It's not my favorite scent, but the burn is incredible and the throw is just as good! I've burned it 3 times, once in the kitchen. I will keep my eye on this vendor, too, as they have many other scents I'm interested in trying!


  1. Woot for new laptops!! You got three amazing sounding candles in this box. I would totally love the Candelaria one and the Hearth & Hammer one. I am with you. I like my woodwicks to crackle like a roaring fire. Especially since it is way too hot for a fireplace 99% of the time in Florida. They are so mesmerizing. Enjoy your goodies. I will be eyeing up the Hearth & Hammer scents.

    1. Exactly, a thick and mighty and loud woodwick or bust!! I've got my eye on all of these vendors now. Candelaria's candle is amaaaaaaaaaaazing! And Stardust, that used to be the name of my old old car! LOL!


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