Monday, January 27, 2014

Review: Front Porch's Pink Sugar Marshmallow

Every wax addict has their favorite vendors and their favorite scents, as well as their favorite scents from specific vendors. I am no exception. of my all-time favorites just happens to be Pink Sugar Marshmallow from Front Porch.
It's so, so amazing.
If you're a fan of pink sugar, this is a must-try. It mixes so perfectly with Front Porch's already stellar marshmallow scent that it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. If I could, I would buy pounds of this scent. It's second only to Pink Peppermint.
As far as the cold sniff scent goes, it's a nice mix, but heavier on the marshmallow. If it doesn't smell that appealing on cold sniff, wait until it warms up, it does get stronger and better and more well-rounded! Its lasting power knows no end, I've had a couple of these tarts last me upwards of 2 days.

This scent continues to surprise and impress me each time I melt it.

Front Porch's Pink Sugar Marshmallow
Cold Rating7.5/10; the cold sniff isn't exactly the strongest scent I've smelled, but it is in no way, shape or form weak. You get more marshmallow on cold sniff with smaller whiffs of pink sugar (although, some will say that they can't smell FP's pink sugar scent because it's not strong enough).
Lit Rating: 10/10; basically perfection! As I've mentioned, these two scents go together so well, like peanut butter and jelly. Great throw, you get each note individually, really perfect!
Throw Rating8.5/10; not weak by any stretch of the imagination, but not blow you away strong all the time. Reeeeeally great!
Overall Rating10/10; another "numbers be damned" scent since it's one of my favorites (I am of the opinion that your favs don't have to be punch you in the face strong on cold or warm throw for you to love them). Perfect mix of pink and marshmallow when warmed. Lasting power is always a plus. Needing this in bulk!


  1. Never had this from FP, it sounds marvelous!! I will keep my eye out for it now.

  2. Ha! They are in stock! Got a 4 pack. "Blame!" Lol! I am excited to try it, thanks Lauren! Cheers!

    1. I think you'll love it Julie!! Enjoy!! <3

  3. Oohhh yeahhh, this is one of my all-time faves too! Simple yet awesome! Glad you're back <3

  4. I love FP's Pink Sugar Marshmallow! It is GOOD!! :D


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