Sunday, August 21, 2016

Subscription Box Corner: June 2016's Flicker Box!


I am so behind on this blog, actually, I'm behind on literally everything in life, but still, never giving up! I just like to actually melt these candles before I review them. So, I am behind. SORRY Y'ALL.

Here's June's Flicker Box.
This month's card!
I had the opportunity to try Hawk + Hatchet from this box many months ago and really enjoy their products. I haven't been looking to buy many more candles since these subscription boxes fill me up in the candle department, but if I had to choose one vendor to go back to based on my experiences with these sub. boxes, it'd be this one. This Port Angeles candle looks small, but it packs a mighty, fragrant punch! I have used this candle clean to the bottom I loved it that much. Its sandalwood top notes can be smelled immediately after opening the lid. This is an earthy, very lovely scent, one of the few with patchouli I love. IMMEDIATE repurchase!
Illume has always called to me, though I've never bought from them outside of subscription boxes. Their Desert Tulip candle was quite excellent. The throw was a solid medium most days, but when I turned the fan on and burned it in the living room, it packed an even bigger punch! It's a delicate floral scent mixed with what one might describe as cactus-y, earthy notes, and a little bit of dirt-swept wind. This company rocks!
I am saving this candle from Armadilla Wax Works in Copper Canyon to give to a friend. It's much too patchouli for me, but I absolutely love the colors and texture of this candle!


  1. Nice box! I love that you burn them before you post. This looks like a wonderful trio of candles you got here. I bet you are not lacking for anything to burn this fall and winter. How cozy! That sandalwood and the patchouli ones sound really snuggly. Enjoy!

    1. I've been trying to burn them as I go, but I've found myself so backlogged with candles to burn that I might have to stop. :( I try to burn them whenever we get home, but sometimes, it's too dang hot! Definitely not lacking for winter, though! ;)


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