Thursday, September 1, 2016

Band of Bloggers: Vol. 9 / September 2016

Welcome to our September 2016 Band of Bloggers! By now, most people should be back in school. The weather should be cooling down. Department store shelves are stocking up on fall and Halloween decorations. Countdowns are beginning for the end of year holidays.

This month we will share that special moment, activity, sound, smell, or all of the above that makes us feel like Autumn has arrived! We will also recommend our favorite places to shop for fall decor. Please feel free to share your own answers with us in the comments below!

To me, Autumn is signified with the biggest, most boisterous cinnamon apple candle I can find. Since we don't really have seasons in San Diego, I have to compensate with smells. The leaves fall and turn slightly different colors, but nothing like you see in the movies. What little rain we do get also means Autumn to me as well as the pitter patter of droplets on our sunroofs signals the weather from warmer back to warm.

As far as decor goes, I love to browse Michael's for fall goodies. Also, the Spirit stores begin popping up starting now until the end of Halloween for more holiday-centric items. Yankee Candle often has some cute fall decorations as well!

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  1. Yay for cinnamon apple! My first fall melt this year is a caramel apple scent, but cinnamon apple will probably be later today. =)


  2. I NEED to get some fall candles!!! Gah!! Thanks for reminding me about Yankee Candle. I always forget that they have seriously cute fall decorations. Hope your warm is a bit cooler than normal this year. :-)


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