Thursday, March 2, 2017

Band of Bloggers: Vol. 15 / March 2017

Welcome to the March edition of Band of Bloggers! Hopefully this month begins to bring more temperate weather and the first signs of spring! In my neck of the woods, conditions have been alternating between crazy heavy rain/high winds and beautiful sunshine and blooming flowers. I hope the weather will stabilize a bit this month. Since the month of March usually holds the first signs of spring, that begs the question:

What scent are your favorite scents to melt and wear for spring?
To wear, I *love* Daisy by Marc Jacobs. It's so springy, floral, and youthful. Love it! For wax, I have to have my watermelon scents, my pistachios, my wildberries, always jasmine flower scents, root beer, poppy, and tropical fruit blends! In terms of floral, I really only like jasmine and one floral candle (flower shop from B&BW, which has been rebranded to Amsterdam). Love me some fresh scents though, especially on cleaning days. I don't consider myself a seasonal melted. I have always reached for cinnamon blends in April, and I will always crave watermelon ones in December.

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  1. Quite a unique list of scents there! Watermelon is sooo good for spring and summer; juicy and refreshing! MJ Daisy is so popular; I'm sad it doesn't work on me.

    1. What are some of your favorite perfumes? I tend to go back and forth on certain ones, Daisy is one of them. Some days, I love it, other days, it's too sweet and pretty! Some days need a more vampy scent, you know?!

  2. Mmm, watermelon. I'm not sure I have any on hand. I'll have to check and possibly find some to order! Although, I'd probably wait till close to summer to melt because I'm a finicky seasonal melter. lol


  3. Hey, root beer - there's an unexpected pick! I love the *idea* of root beer, and it's full of all sorts of things I love (both the taste of and the smell of) but I can't pull the trigger on the fizzy thing - fizzies and I are no bueno.

    Rosegirls has this scent called Hotline Bling that's my favourite watermelon ever - watermelon, raspberry sauce, lemon and cotton candy frosting, I think? Lawdy, it's good.

  4. Watermelon!! <3 I like a good jasmine and what is this poppy you speak of? Do you have any vendors you recommend for trying a poppy scent?

  5. I haven't tried Daisy, but based off how you describe it I would probably love it.
    I have a hard time melting fresh/clean scents on days I don't plan to clean. I always feel like I'm supposed to be cleaning, so I'm careful to melt the scents only on days I already plan to get down and dirty with the house. LOL
    Your watermelon comment reminds me that I bought a watermelon blend from the December SMT opening. Oooh, I think I know what I'm melting next!


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