Monday, August 27, 2012

I Can Haz Christmas?

After everything I've said about liking floral scents...I'm about ready to change my mind.
Well, scratch that, I'm just tired of spring and summer scents.

I'm craving cranberries and cinnamon and freshly fallen snow and Santa's noses and burning pumpkins...

...And I'm sure my mom is ALREADY sick of my talking about Christmas, but I just can't help it...

I love Christmas.

I love everything about it: baking cookies, singing carols, Starbucks Gingerbread lattes, giving gifts, making people smile, our Christmas tree and Chinese food tradition, decorations, our awesome Darth Vader tree ornament...
Oh yeah, and the color gold. Gold is finally acceptable during Christmas. This, I treasure. I love gold.
Every single thing about the holiday season envelopes each part of my being and turns me into a different person from Thanksgiving to New Years Day.

That being said, I am looking forward to hunting around for the best candle deals during the upcoming gift-giving season, because who doesn't want a fabulous candle for Christmas or Hanukkah or just because?
In the past, I have had luck with Yankee Candle's Balsam and Cedar, as well as Sparkling Cinnamon, but I am looking forward to trying various new votives and tarts this year; last year is when I really started to jump on the scent and fragrance train, so I didn't do much exploring other than the paying for scents I knew I already loved.

Enter the $1 tart sale.

Rumor has it from the YC Facebook page that ANOTHER $1 tart sale begins some time between August 28th and August 30th 2012, for Labor Day, but this sale includes holiday scents! YIPPEE! Not sure if I will partake, though, because my pocketbook has been dwindling and can't really afford the miscellaneous expense right now.

Just know I have my eye on you, Yankee Candle, and when I get some extra scratch, I'll be there with lighters lit ready to do some wax burnin'!

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