Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Review: Yankee Candle Macintosh Spice 2-Wick Tumbler

I was awoken the other day by the distinct sound of an emergency alert ringing from somewhere in our house.
"This is it," I thought, "this is 'the big one' scientists have been talking about for so long...we are doomed!"
The noise was not coming from the radio. In fact, the TV had been turned off for hours.
The annoying, loud, shrill tones were coming from our cell phones.
THANKS for the heads-up about the emergency broadcasting alerts via text message, Verizon Wireless, because seriously, I was scared out of my gourd.

California weather is sort of like gambling: you win some days, you lose some day, but most of the time, if you're smart, you break even.

I'm just glad we don't live where there are tornadoes or hurricanes...
...because the last big earthquake we had here, I cried.
No, I'm not joking. I cried for two straight hours. Made Facebook updates, called friends and family, the whole nine yards.
It made me realize how ill prepared I am if some sort of catastrophic event should ever occur. It made me want to build emergency relief kits, make escape plans, and hoard water...well, generally hoard anything valuable or edible.
Ever since that earthquake, I sleep with a spare set of clothing right next our bed. It's better to be safe and clothed than sorry.

Where am I going with all this, you might be asking?
These so-called "emergency alert text messages" were for flash floods. For an area of San Diego that's at least 40 miles away from where we live.
These flash floods also haven't happened yet because, with the exception of a FEW droplets of rain today, it has been between 85 and 95 degrees the past two weeks straight.

Bottom line: I am seriously OVER summer. We might only get 3 or 4 terrible weeks of weather a year here, but those weeks are filled with disgusting, humid days and even damper, grosser nights.
I wanted to get into the swing of fall and light up a spicy candle, since it was a bit cooler today (read: high of 82 degrees). One thing I just can't sacrifice in the heat is candle burning. After digging through the closet, I forgot I had purchased two full-size 2-wick tumblers from Yankee, oh, about a year ago. One of them just happened to be Macintosh Spice, which I bought because Josh tends to like super fruity smells, while I prefer spicy, floral, or clean scents. Cold/unlit, this candle smells very good, nice and cinnamony...

...I wanted to like this one, really, I did. The apple, to me, overpowers the spice; while you can detect a hint of cinnamon here and there, it's almost like a false sense of spice because the apple is so artificial smelling. It doesn't help that the throw is quite strong. Very rarely have I found myself disliking a Yankee Candle, but this one is a complete miss for me.
I've heard of people getting headaches from certain fragrances, and until now, I never believed it. This one gave me a huge headache, in fact, I still have it while typing this sentence. Luckily, Yankee Candle's website now allows user submissions, so I'll be sure to check out reviews of fruity scents I may purchase in the future.

Have any of you tried this one? Are you a fan or not?

Yankee Candle Macintosh Spice
Cold Rating: 6/10
Lit Rating: 3/10
Throw Rating: 8/10
Overall Rating: 5.5/10, had high hopes but was left with an artificial apple smell, not a lot of spice, and infinite sadness.

Until next time!

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