Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: Can-Do-Candles' Debbie's Peppermint Twist & Wintermint

Do you like mint? I find myself not being able to sleep at night unless I have something minty going.
Debbie's Peppermint Twist from Can-Do-Candles is a dupe for the Bath & Body Works fragrance Twisted Peppermint. I have a candle in this scent buried somewhere in a box, but have never smelled it...yeah, I sorta went a little crazy last summer and fall with the candles. Well, I'm sorry to say, I was disappointed while warming this one. On cold throw, it smells quite minty, not super powerful, but nice enough. While melting, the scent was super light... I ended up adding Wintermint to it, just to try my luck. This helped for a little while, but the throw and scent strength never went above a medium. I am sorry, to say the least, because I was looking forward to these scents most. Oh well, better luck next time!

Can-Do-Candles' Debbie's Peppermint Twist & Wintermint
Cold Rating7/10; the combination of these two minty scents smelled absolutely amazing on cold sniff...
Lit Rating: 4/10; there were hints of this in the air, but got almost nothing from the Peppermint Twist. The Wintermint helped a little while, but not for long.
Throw Rating4/10; barely anything, as I mentioned, but the Wintermint helped out a little bit.
Overall Rating: 5/10; I expected way more from both of these tarts and was sorely disappointed. Another one bites the dust!

PS: Sorry for the extended layoff, it seems like I'm making excuses at this point, but I caught the don't need to go much further than a Google's news page search away to find out what this awful, horrid thing is...I'm still feeling queasy, but up and around now. :)

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