Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Wax Review: March 15-17

Come one, come all! Here are my weekend melts!
(Also, destroying and demolishing a bathroom is harder than it seems).
(also also, moving sucks).
The sad truth of the week is that I only melted four things this weekend. 4! Failure. Let's get started. The reason for only melting 3 things was moving and demolishing. But, I have brought my new warmer to the new house and will use it like mad!
The first scent I melted was Friday, Pink Mrs. Claus Cookies from Beezy-Tarts. This one was really nice, but the cookie note was definitely overshadowed by the pink sugar, which I don't necessarily mind. I will always repurchase pink blends from Beezy, and I'm looking forward to making another order (eventually). On cold sniff, 7/10. While warming, 7.5/10, even thought the cookie note was muted, this was still an amazing scent. The throw was 6.5/10, for a total of 7/10. This lasted about 5 hours.
Saturday morning and afternoon, I melted Blackberry Lime Love from Lasting Scent Candles. I have really been loving LSC and their awesome products, they always have unique scents with tremendous throw and high-quality melting. My second order from them just showed up a few days ago, but I am leaving all incoming orders in their boxes until we actually move (like...2 weeks?). Plus, this gives them time to cure with no temptation! Blackberry Lime Love was a really nice mix of the two scents, but lime was definitely the more dominant note. This scent was super crazy strong; we left the house and came back, and could smell it as soon as we opened the door. Really refreshing! On cold sniff, 7.5/10, and while warming 8/10. The throw I will give a 9/10, for a total of 8/10! I don't know what the "love" part of this scent is, but I "love" it, and I will repurchase it again, given the opportunity (lots of LSC scents are discontinued or going away soon). I had this in the warmer for 6 hours.
Sunday, I reached far down into my tart basket and tried my luck with Ultimate Bakery from Front Porch....let me tell you, this is another fan favorite that I just do not like. It's too fried and too bready and too yeasty for my smell-tastes. YUCK! I let it melt through to give it a chance, but dumped it out immediately after. On cold sniff, 5/10, but while warming, 2/10. I didn't get a good throw enough to judge, so I will give this a 3.5/10 (20 points instead of 30). NO REPURCH. ICK.
Finally, we've got Fruity Loops from Front Porch. This was much better and much nicer. Very lemony cereal type. Loved it! Medium-strong throw, lasted for 6 hours. Just your basic fruit loops cereal scent, but more lemon! On cold sniff,7/10. While warming, 7/10. The throw was a 6.5/10, for a total of 7/10, rounded slightly up!

Sorry for the lack of posts, I promise to get into the swing of things again soon. We've just been so busy and not home lately! I will bring my laptop to the new place and try to get stuff done. Have a great week! :)


  1. OMG Lime Blackberry Love sounds so nice! And I gotta try Beezy's....I keep hearing about it! I hope moving gets a little less hectic! :)

    1. It's such a nice scent! Also, Beezy is such a great, strong sure to try sometime!

      And thanks! Moving is going smoothly now, we were just trying to do too much in too little time. But, I got sick for about 2 days, really badly, and now we're refreshed and wanting to get stuff done! :)

  2. What is the "love" part? It looks like they have a lot of Love scents and I always wondered about that!

    1. Exactly! maybe it's one of their secret recipe type of deals??


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