Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend Wax Review: March 1-3

HAPPY MARCH!!! Can't believe we're already in the third month of's stunning to think of how time fast flies when you're an old fart like me. :)

Anywho, lots to get through this weekend, as per usual. It was a Tiffany/Streetman sort of weekend, with a few randoms sprinkled throughout. I'm trying to melt as much as possible, a move is looming in our direction!
I've been burning this Eucalyptus Mint & Apple No. 3 candle for about 3 days and I am unsure of it. I thought it would smell like Ollie's Soaps' Peppermint Apple (MY FAV), but nope, the eucalyptus adds a weird note to it. Great wax pool and consistent burns each time. On cold sniff, 7/10. While warming, 5.5/10. The throw is a 5.5/10, for a total of 6/10. Not a repurch, but the burn is fab. Some of the other scents in this line smell amazing, too (Eucalyptus Mint & Rain, Eucalyptus Mint & Spice in particular).
LOOK! It's my wax notebook! I took this photo on Valentine's day (with our Bride/Groom champagne flutes plus a blackberry!) and am using it because it's way nicer than the other ones with awful focus. This candle from Tiffany Candles is really nice, not super throw, but love it. On cold sniff, 6.5/10. While burning, 6/10. The throw is about a 5/10, for a total of 6/10. I think I will get a 5-pack of her 2-wick candles, they are pretty amazing.
Mrs. Frost from Tiffany Candles is a combination of cinnamon and candy cane. There's only a slight mint in this, which is nice, it almost intensifies the cinnamon scent! I loved it! On cold sniff, 6/10. While warming, 7/10. The throw was a 6/10, for a total of 6.5/10! Definite repurch, this lasted 4 hours.
Another fav. of mine from Tiffany Candles. Mulled Cider is extremely spicy with apples! Perfect for me, and Josh loves it too! On cold sniff, 7/10. While warming, 8/10. The throw is a 7.5/10, for a total of 7.5/10! Absolute repurchase, this lasted for 4 hours, too.
Spring's Summer Fling from Streetman Candle Co. is a very nice fruity/floral scent on cold sniff. While warming, I hardly got a thing unless I stood right next to it. I was very saddened by only lasted an hour. On cold sniff, 7/10. While warming, 4/10, unfortunately. The throw was a 3.5/10, for a total 4.5/10, slightly rounded down. Sadness.
We wanted something different while sleeping, so we picked Romance from Tiffany Candles. I think this is a Ralph Lauren perfume was nice, just not my thing. I wouldn't repurchase it unless blended with something, possibly pink sugar or vanilla. On cold sniff, 6.5/10. While warming, 6/10. The throw was a 6/10 as well, for a total of 6/10!
8am-ish Saturday morning, I felt in the mood for a fruity, spicy scent. I tried my luck with Home For The Holidays. This had a hint of "tree" in it too, and it was lovely! Not just for Christmas! On cold sniff, 6/10. While warming, 7/10. The throw was a 6.5/10, for a total of 6.5/10! I would repurchase this for the holidays! It lasted 3 hours.
Here, we have blackberry jam mixed with vanilla bean noel from Tiffany Candles. Alone, blackberry jam is sweet yet slightly floral, but with the VBN, it is simply AMAZING! It adds much needed creaminess and almost smells like ice cream. On cold sniff, 5/10. While warming together, 7/10. The throw was insaaaane, 8.5/10, for a total of 7/10, slightly rounded up! I would repurchase the VBN, but not the blackberry jam by itself, unless they were blended together in a candle. This lasted 3 hours until I changed it up.
I sent this cute little teddy to a sweet, delicious death in my warmer Saturday afternoon. Pistachio Pudding Cake  from Tiffany Candles is SUPER strong! I love pistachio, there was fluff, and the cake was noticeable  I would repurchase this in candle form for sure! On cold sniff, 6.5/10. While warming, 7/10. The throw was an 8/10, for a total of 7/10! Yum! This lasted 3.5 hours.
Another strawberry scent from Tiffany Candles! I am on the fence about these usually, but this one was really nice paired with shortcake. It wasn't super strong, but it smelled nice. On cold sniff, 5/10. While warming, 6.5/10. The throw was a 5/10, for a total of 5.5/10! This one lasted 3.5 hours as well.
Another Snap Stick from Streetman Candles for Saturday's nighttime melt! Flirt! is AMAZING. It was floral, sweet, fruity, clean, bright, and everything in between! I swear I smelled a hint of pink sugar. It lasted all through the night and from 7-9am Sunday. On cold sniff, 7/10. The warm throw was a 7.5/10. The throw was a 7.5/10 as well, for a total of 7.5/10! Repurchase FOR SURE!
Woke up this morning and wanted something sweet. Pink Sugared Cranberry was waaaay in the back of the closet, and it was nice. It smells like some sort of candy or fruit I have eaten before (not cranberry, LOL). It was, indeed, sweet, and had no cranberry tartness. This one was a straight 6/10 across the board, but I don't think I would repurchase this. I had this on for about 3.5 hours.
Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake! Funnel Cake from CFTKR smells nice, but it's still got hints of that "fried" smell I don't much care for in my wax. This lasted 3 hours. I wouldn't repurchase it, and the only reason I had it was because it was in a sampler pack. On cold sniff, 5.5/10. While warming, 6/10. The throw was a 5.5/10, for a total of 5.5/10.
Surprisingly, not pink colored! This was a nice scent from The Scented Princess, some cake but A LOT of pink sugar. I'd repurchase this again. It lasted 3 hours. On cold sniff, 6.5/10. While warming, 6.5/10. The throw was a 5.5/10, for a total of 6/10.
Here we've got The Happy Little Bee's Cherry Popsicle, a sample from my first order. Josh LOVED this one on cold sniff, and I liked it, too. It was very strong for a short while, but seemed to get that "waxy" smell we all know fast. It lasted 2.5 hours before I had to dump it out. It was very nice, though! On cold sniff, 7/10. While warming, 6/10. The throw was a 6/10, for a total of 6.5/10, rounded slightly up. I'd repurchase it!
I have Breakfast at Tiffany's going right now, and it is really interesting. It's pancakes, maple syrup, everything breakfast! I enjoy it, it's not super bready, just a sweet scent that lingers in the air a while. I've had it on an hour and I'll probably use it for another few hours. On cold sniff, 7/10. While warming, 7/10. The throw is a 6.5/10, for a total of 7/10, rounded up slightly! Winner! This might be good with VBN or marshmallow or donut shop!
Have an awesome week, y'all! It's going to be a busy one, I just know it. :)


  1. Great week of melting! I've been wanted to try Breakfast At Tiffany's! The teddy bear is adorable!

  2. Fantastic bunch of melts you did this weekend. I am dying for Streetman to open again, I have a wishlist made!

  3. I like Breakfast at Tiffany's, it's pretty good. I also have Strawberry Shortcake in the old wax. I should melt it ASAP.


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