Sunday, February 23, 2014

Review: Ava's Country Cupboard's Celtic Moonspice

...aaaaaaaaaaaand I'm back to the spicy spicy scents. I can't stay away for too long or I start to go crazy.
I ordered once from Ava's Country Cupboard  in the middle-fall of 2012 and didn't have the best of luck with her wax. Some of it was really downright smelly (sorry, but it's the truth!), and other tarts were fine, but nothing blew me away. Well, I'm a firm believer in second chances, so I made another small order at the end of 2013 to try some of her tarts again. I was pleased to see that her bags had changed since I had last ordered, and she is now offering TONS of shapes and an expanded scent list. WOOHOO! Plus, free shipping with a $10 order (at the time, not sure if this is still going on or not), I mean, how can you beat that?!

When I spotted one of my favorite scents on her ready-to-ship list, I knew I needed to try it! Ava's Celtic Moonspice came in a biiiiiiiiiiiig bread loaf, and I mean BIG. It might not look like it from the picture, but I could have easily gotten 2, perhaps 3 melts out of this.
Well, being the dope that I am, I didn't cut it up and put the entire thing in my warmer. Go big or go home, right?!

This scent was nice. It's your average celtic moonspice, cozy, comforting, homey, spicy, so I really had no qualms about how it smelled or what it would be like. This lasted 2 days in the bedroom, only because I didn't want to part with it. The scent started out medium-ly and fizzled throughout the course of those 2 days. Could it have been stronger? Yes, but I find I don't need my celtic moonspices to be sucker-punch strong. It was just a nice background scent, something I will always like and always look forward to melting!

Ava's Country Cupboard's Celtic Moonspice
Cold Rating6.5/10; it's hard not to love the comforting aroma of spices, and this is no exception. Lighter than other celtic moonspice scents I've smelled, but not weak by any stretch of the imagination.
Lit Rating: 6.5/10; it's a nice, reasonable scent, nothing too special, yet just what I wanted. So, so lovely.
Throw Rating6/10; medium throw, not as overpowering as this scent from other vendors, and threw for a very, very long time (perhaps because I threw in the entire loaf?).
Overall Rating6/10; nothing special, but something loved. Medium all around. Giving vendors a second chance and benefit of the doubt. Changed wax bags.


  1. Celtic mooooonspiiiiiice! Love it!!! I have only had it from FP but I lurve it! I like some cinnamon sprinkled throughout my days too. Who makes your fav Celtic moon spice?

    1. Hmmmm....tough call, but I think CFTKR and LSC make the best, strongest celtic moonspice! :)


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