Thursday, February 20, 2014

Review: Lasting Scent Candles Island Sparkle

Remember when I said yesterday that I was gravitating towards spicy scents even though it was warm here in San Diego?
...well, I lied.

This past weekend, Josh, my brother-in-law, his girlfriend and I went to brunch at this amazing place on the waterfront. There were boats, and mimosas, and crab legs as far as the eye can see (but none for me, because I don't eat crab)! It was so much fun that when we got home, we were in a tropical mood.
Well, what's more tropical sounding than Island Sparkle?!

On cold sniff, this scent smells like a wonderful island know, something with tons of sweet whipped cream and a little umbrella on top. Just divine!
When melting, however...all I smelled was banana, which I don't particularly care for, unfortunately. It was a mix of banana and something tropical, though I can't quite put my finger on what it was. Strawberry? Papaya? Generalized sweet fruit? The throw was about a medium, but nothing really more or less. I was sort of disappointed with this one...

...but I will be getting that tropical whipped cream-topped drink with a umbrella very soon to compensate. ;)

Lasting Scent Candles Island Sparkle
Cold Rating6/10; not too terribly strong on cold sniff, but there it a lot going on! I smell sweetness, fruity drinks, and lots of "sparkle" here! No banana (?) on cold sniff.
Lit Rating: 5/10; unfortunately, all I smell is banana and some sort of other sweet fruit. The banana overpowers everything. This is also too sweet for me, personally, but I could see a fruity fan loving this.
Throw Rating5.5/10; definitely not the strongest LSC tart I've ever melted, but it's not a bad thing here because I didn't care for this scent while warming.
Overall Rating5.5/10; banana is overpowering. Not too strong. Missing some other note, perhaps sour/tart...okay, let's be honest, when I hear "island," I think pineapple. Shattered expectations. Too dramatic. Brunch is delicious and an excuse to drink cocktails in the morning. Tiki mugs costing $16.50 is a bummer, man.


  1. Ahhh tropical, I could totally go for anything tropical right about now!! Is spring and summer here YET?!! lol Yeah I'm not huge banana fan either (like it in very few things) but could totally go for some of that heavy whipped cream tropical drink! :D Love me some pineapple though!!

    Have an awesome weekend Lauren!

    1. I wish there was a way for all of us waxy fiends to meet up for fruity, whipped creamy, umbrella drinks! That would be so much fun!

      Hopefully, spring will bring many, many days of warm weather for you! <3

  2. That brunch sounds like it was fantastic! This tart does too, but then again, I love banana scents. For some reason I passed this one up when it was for sale, hopefully they'll have it again this summer. Sorry it didn't work out for ya though! I'm with Ashley, I could go for pretty much anything tropical right now with this awful winter we've been having! Cheers!

    1. You should definitely try to get one of these to try when LSC reopens...UGH I wish they would reopen!! <3

  3. Island sparkle sounded promising! I had one banana tart in my grasp but my stepmom liked it so I gave it to her. The past few days have been gorgeous around here in central FL so I have been feeling the itch to go to the beach soon. Waterfront brunch cocktails sounds fabulous!! Glad you had a nice day

    1. You might like this one if you haven't had a banana tart! Please take pics if you all go to the beach (or have a cocktail, for that matter)! <3

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    1. Hi Amber! Sorry it took me so long to reply, how are you? Thanks for reading my blog, I really appreciate it! :) :)

  5. And I keep trying to follow you but for some reason I can't find the follow button lol


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