Monday, February 24, 2014

Review: The Melting Fairy Wax Co.'s Box #2 Melted Review!

Hey friends! Better late than never, right? Box #2 from The Melting Fairy has been melted and tried and tested. Now, onto my thoughts! Looking forward to reviewing box #3, which I'm almost finished melting!
The Melting Fairy's Strawberry Passion
Cold Rating: 7/10; to me, this smells like a vanilla strawberry candy or cream-pop: luscious, sweet, fruity and with that "whipped" smell, almost like mousse.
Lit Rating: 6/10; surprisingly, this wasn't as strong while warming, not by much, but I could detect a difference. That being said, it still smelled nice!
Throw Rating5/10; medium throw that lasted 4 hours and lessened a bit more over the next 2 hours, for a total of 6 hours. Could have been stronger, but it wasn't too invasive.
Overall Rating6/10; great scent from box #2. Dropped off a bit in throw, but lasted a decent amount of time. This scent was nice, perfect for any kind of weather.
The Melting Fairy's Orange Cream Swirl Cake
Cold Rating: 7.5/10; this smells DIVINE. It's almost like a real dessert, like a 50/50 bar but with cake and frosting. OMG, it's hard not to rave about the cold sniff smell of this. Mmmmm, it's almost like I can taste the cake now!
Lit Rating: 6.5/10; The scents and throw on most of the melts I have had from The Melting Fairy are medium-ish, and this is no exception. Most of the time, I like my bakery scents medium, but this time, I wished it would have been in mah face strong because IT WAS SO GOOD.
Throw Rating6/10; the throw was a medium, too, which lasted 6-ish hours. I didn't want to relinquish this from my warmer so I left it until there was nothing left.
Overall Rating7/10; my favorite scent from this box. Wanting to have cake so, so badly. Delicious smelling, very realistic cake with frosting scent! Needing to find a recipe for an actual dessert like this.
The Melting Fairy's Orange Chai Tea
Cold Rating3.5/10; I just...did not like this scent. At all. It was oddly perfumey and soapy combined. I didn't smell any chai, any spice, or any tea on cold sniff.
Lit Rating: 3/10; as much as I didn't like this on cold sniff, I liked it even less while warming. It reminded me of this store I used to walk by at the mall when I was younger...overly perfumey, more mature, and again, no spice or chai or tea. This was almost musty, too.
Throw Rating4/10; the throw on this was low-medium, but I'm not complaining. Too much more of this scent would have been overkill.
Overall Rating3.5/10; my least favorite scent from this box. Reminders of horrible smells from my youth. Teenage dirtbag. No spice, no chai, unfortunately. Distance from tea scents. Needing real tea right now!
The Melting Fairy's Fruity Loops
Cold Rating7.5/10; strong for a fruit loops scent! Nice mix of cereal and that lemon scent that always comes out when you smell a fruit loops scent.
Lit Rating: 6/10; not sure what else to say considering pretty much everyone in the wax community knows how fruit loops smells, and this is good!
Throw Rating7/10; strong throw for about 4 hours, medium throw for 1.5 hours, low-medium throw for about 3 hours. Pretty long lasting for fruit loops!
Overall Rating7/10; your average fruit loops scent, but pretty dang strong! Fizzled kinda fast, but I could still smell this for a long time. Needing to eat cereal from a cup instead of a bowl and for dessert instead of breakfast.
The Melting Fairy's Coco Mango
Cold Rating5/10; I don't feel strongly one way or the other about this scent. It's okay, but nothing special. The coconut is a fresh one, and the mango is pretty sweet, but it's still nothing to write home about.
Lit Rating: 5/10; average tropical-type scent. Nice coconut, eclipsed by fruity mango.
Throw Rating4/10; not a stellar throw on this one, low-medium, and I could smell wisps of it as I moved around the hallway near the bathroom.
Overall Rating5/10; I hate to be so "meh" about this, but it really smells like any other tropical scent. It's not bad, but not a fav.

I find most of the melts are a medium for throw while decent on cold sniff. There are always exceptions, though! Box #3 has already been cracked wide opened and I only have a few left to melt. Look for the review shortly!

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  1. Great reviews!!! I just melted orange swirl cake last night and it was divine! So glad I saw your review and Deb's review on it so I could know to pick it. I am interested to see if your next box throws differently with the different wax formula.


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