Saturday, June 28, 2014

To Try: Influenster's Go VoxBox

I got picked to test out Influenster's Go VoxBox! Woohoo! I can't resist a box full o' goodies that I get to try for free!!
One of the best mail days is when these little boxes show up on my doorstep!
The nifty little card they give all of us Go VoxBox participants that lists everything we get in our box.
I got a coupon for Muller yogurt, which is a brand I have never tried. I am sort of ehhh about yogurt, I go through spells where I love it and times when I hate it. Well, I really liked this! Mine had strawberries in it, and unfortunately, it ended up in the trash when I left it on the counter, so I didn't get to snap any photos of it. Oh well! The thing about this brand is that they have TONS of variety, lots of flavors, and even some stuff with mix-ins! I would definitely repurchase this brand.
You know those massive files drug stores sell for you feet? The ProFoot Pedi-Rock is like one of those things on steroids. Wow, this thing is huge. It says right on the package "I'm soft," but soft this thing is not. Squishy, yes, but soft, HELL NO. It's really rough and sort of hurts when you use it because of how coarse it is. It works just fine, but it's awkward to use because of its shape. Some people might like the hand-feel of this item, but I couldn't get into it. I used it 3 times to be sure, all on different days, but I would not purchase this item. Major points for creativity and uniqueness, though!
From the same company comes the Triad Orthotic insoles. They claim to have 3 zones of comfort. I used these and was sort of 50/50 convinced I liked them. While I like the fact that they are much "harder" than other insoles, I think that was a burden, too. These made me very aware they were in my shoes, unlike orthotics from other brands. I think I will put them back in my tennis shoes and give them another go!
In 5th grade sex ed, I was scarred forever about tampons. That's all I'll say about that.
Blue Diamond almonds are one of my favorite snacks. When it's time for a snack, I gravitate to salty treats as opposed to sweet ones. I figured blueberry flavored almonds would go right along with the stellar image I have in my mind of Blue Diamond. Nope, nope, NOPE. These were absolutely disgusting. The fake blueberry flavor combined with the hearty almonds made for a nasty, icky eating experience. YUCK, GROSS, ICKNAST. Not a fan at all. I love the brand, but these fruit flavored almonds need to GTFO--to outer space.
Aqua Spa is another brand I had not heard of. I was looking forward to trying this body creme because I have been doing really good taking care of my hands as of late. Unfortunately, this was another fail of a product for me. The lotion was overly greasy and didn't really absorb very fast. I love lavender scents, and this just smelled musty and old smelling. I have a gigantic tube of this and only used it 3 times. :/
I'm not sure how I feel about nutritional shakes, regardless if they are from The Vitamin Shoppe. I'd rather make a fruit and veggie smoothie on my own. This being vanilla flavored was the least offensive flavor they could have given a mass amount of people to test, I suppose. This was alright as far as supplement shakes go, but nothing to write home about, it still tasted like the inside of a vitamin shoppe smells. The flavor was sort of bland, but it definitely tasted healthy. I don't know about it being a "meal," though. The little bottle thing it came with was the best part of this box, I can use this forever in the future and don't have to buy one now.

As an overall VoxBox, this is definitely not the best one I've ever received. I know that sounds ungrateful since everything was free, but this is my honest opinion. Some things were okay, but the majority of items were misses, and if I had to "go" on a "diet" with them, I'd probably fail as a healthy person. Those blueberry almonds are still ringing in the back of my throat many weeks later....*shivers in disgust*

*Reminder: I received all of these products courtesy of Influenster to try for free. All opinions and all words are my own!


  1. I saw the fruit flavored almonds in an ad recently and thought to myself that sounded nasty. I take toffee, chocolate or smokehouse almonds please. This box was a dud :-( pooh. I agree about meal supplements. I would rather eat a plate of fruits and veg over a health shake made of mystery powder any day.... I just like too much fattening food. And sweets.

    1. The chocolate almonds are good, then? I have always wondered about those. Also, totally agreed about eating fruits or veggies, I feel the same way about Gatorade or things like that...I'd rather just drink water, lol! Mmmmmm, sweeets. :P


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