Monday, June 2, 2014

Swift & Supersonically Snappy Short Review #13: Aunt Smellman's Autumn Breeze

If you follow my on Instagram, you will know BigJ and I were in Vegas this week! We had a great time, even though my foot is still broken, we made it work! It was hot, but it was fun. I will have a picture post up soon.
Aunt Smellman's Autumn Breeze
Cold Rating3.5/10
Lit Rating: 3/10
Throw Rating7/10
Overall Rating4/10; slightly rounded down from 4.5. Not up my alley and couldn't get over it, but the throw on this was decent. Strange mix of scents, very musky and yet floral and slightly fruity. Some weird tree scents. Patchouli? Sandalwood? Strange??? Maybe ylang ylang. Not knowing how to pronounce ylang it lang-lang, or ya-lang-ya-lang, or yang-yang?? WORDS ARE CONFUSING. Trees = shade = goodness = I hate the sun = I am pale. Nothing about this screams autumn to me in this, must doesn't necessarily mean fall time. Also, not so much breeze, just random concoction of ingredients. Free tarts. Using all the wax at once. All wax needs cure time. This would be better in soap form. Or potpourri.


  1. Too bad this was a weirdo. Fruits are touchy with me. Autumn breeze by Julie would be: hay, oaks, apples and bonfires.

    1. Weird, unidentifiable fruits are the worst. Is it s fig, or a pomegranate, or a quince?!?!?!?! GAHHHHH!! I like your autumn breeze much better. :)

    2. I like Julie's Autumn Breeze too! Sunnee will have to create that scent when she opens her shop. And noooooooo, Lauren, all wax does not need cure time. Soap does, however. =P

      I'm pale too, probably more pale since you are California and have sun 24/7.


    3. Julie's Autumn Breeze sounds perfect! I am also pale because I can't seem to tan anymore. Pasty or bright red, there's no in between.

    4. Deb! Wax needs cure time! *GRRRR* :P

      And Kate, agreed, Julie's autumn breeze sounds so lovely! She should go into a business with fragrance pairing! :) Don't you hate how there's no middle ground between scary pale and burnt to a crisp red?! UGH!


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