Friday, January 9, 2015

Swift & Supersonically Snappy Short Review #53: Flaming Star Scents' Wild Strawberry Pomegranate

Happy January! I haven't updated since my last Order of the Odor post and I apologize for that. Enjoy a more spring-y review since our cold spell is over!
Flaming Star Scents' Wild Strawberry Pomegranate
Cold Rating7.5/10
Lit Rating: 7.5/10
Throw Rating7.5/10
Overall Rating7.5/10; quite a wonderful melt! Fruity, pretty strong, bright, not artificial. A delicate mix of sweet and pungent strawberry and dark pomegranate, you can definitely smell two distinct different fruits in this mix. Made the house smell good for 2 days in certain areas, lasted 8 hours melting in the bedroom! I love Flaming Star Scents' "Thank You" bar samples. Vendors who do different molds for their wax. Adult shaped wax. Again, unnecessary name changes throwing me. Forgetting to order from this vendor more often. Short TAT. Cute new logo.


  1. I have not ordered since the name change. This one sounds great! I like unique molds too. Loving that 2 day lasting power!!!

  2. I first saw the "thank you" bar sample last year and I fell in love! I have not tried FSS but this little review has gotten me wanting to place an introductory order! Just say no to adult shaped wax, ain't nobody got time for that. ;)

  3. Your post reminded me that I had not ordered since the name change and I went to the site to order. Out of everything! @.@ Guess I have to wait til the 14th to put in my order.
    As for their adult waxes... I love that sense of humor! Sign me up!


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