Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Swift & Supersonically Snappy Short Review #55: Rosegirls Celtic Moonspice Coffee

In the past, I have been notoriously anti-coffee scents in wax because of a bad and skunky experience.
Let me tell you, it scarred me for a long time.
Luckily, it seems like I have grown past it.
Rosegirls Celtic Moonspice Coffee
Cold Rating7.5/10
Lit Rating: 8/10
Throw Rating8/10
Overall Rating8/10; Rosegirls probably has the best coffee scent in wax. It is very lovely, mellow, not super harsh, smooth and a little creamy. The celtic moonspice isn't really there on cold sniff, but does come out a bit more while melting. Strong! Lasted 8.5 hours in the bathroom. Wanting to try cinnamon in my coffee but not knowing how it will taste? What do you put in your coffee? Cute new (sort of?) square labels. Not being open all the time, but new Mini Melters ready to ship!? Purdy colors in teh wax. Teh. Gifties from friends!


  1. Celtic moonspice is so darn good. I have had cinnamon flavored coffee and creamers before. Very yum. I usually only use flavored creamer though. Sometimes whipped cream on top if I am being fancy.

    Mini melts!

    1. It's nice to know someone who loves celtic moonspice! Usually, it's too spicy for lotsa peeps! Cinnamon flavored coffee and creamer, aye? I might have to jump on this train and try 'em! The only thing I've ever tried like that is the cinnamon dolce latte and I don't remember how it tasted. Mmmm, you do coffee right! <3

  2. Great gift! I'm a harsh cinnamon critic both in wax and food and not so fond of coffee in wax. I applaud your anti coffee turn around.
    I'm convinced I drink hot coffee strictly so I can put flavored creamer in it. I love all the creamers, except cinnamon ;)

    Mini Melters be mine. now. except absolute coffee :p

    1. I feel the same way about hot coffee! LOL! But, sometimes, they come out with flavors like chocolate chip cookie and they sound soooo good and then taste completely awful. What a waste of money when that happens!

      MINI MELTERS!!!!


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