Friday, February 20, 2015

Haul: Rosegirls Muffin Club #2!

Heyo, heyo! Today, I have a haul to share! I KNOW, it has been a long time since I have done a haul post. I want to share with you a muffin club I was in with some of my waxy pals. We decided on 4 blends a piece, each collectively agreed upon by all of us, and I had them shipped to me and then sent them out to the rest of the lovely ladies! This is a great system, especially to try out new or crazy blends. Let's get started! **PS: OP = overpour scent, the other two are chunk scents!
*Blend #1: Cranberry Orange/Marshmallow Smoothie/Cranberry Marmalade (OP) (S): LOVE!! We are becoming master blenders because this is amazeballs. It's got so much sweetness, so much depth, so much yum. So good. Their marshmallow smoothie doesn't hinder anything in a blend, it only serves to enhance it. A favorite!
*Blend #2: Ooey Gooey Caramel/Toffee Apple Crunch/Dunk My Donut (OP) (S): Toffee Apple Crunch is a chunk scent, but it's all I smell when first smelling it! Well, that and a rich, luscious caramel scent. The Dunk My Donut is there, but the chunk scents are much stronger to me on cold sniff.
*Blend #3: Pecan Waffles/Cotton Candy Frosting/Blueberry Cobbler (OP) (S): this scent smells like a county fair! Rosegirls has one of two blueberry scents I enjoy (the other being Streetman Candles), so I was all for this when Sunnee suggested the blend. The pecan waffles, blueberry cobbler and cotton candy frosting, though lighter, combine to make a luscious, almost cereal-ish fragrance. Wow!
*Blend #4: Strawberry Jam/Sicilian Lemon Cookies/Royal Sugar Cookies (OP) (S): cookie heaven, bakery lovers need to try this blend! The lemon cookies are comparable to those little powdered sugar dusted Girl Scout cookies I don't know the name of but smell and taste like little bursts of sunshine mixed with the buttery royal sugar cookie. The strawberry jam is hanging back, chillin', waving "hey guys!" to the top notes, peeking around the corner.
*Blend #5: Lavender/Vanilla Bean Noel/Birthday Cake (OP) (J): Such an interesting scent! I love it when lavender gets mixed with bakery (unless there's zucchini, lol). Though the lavender is a chunk scent, it is still quite strong. The birthday cake and vanilla bean noel mesh together to create an intoxicating and fluffy bakery scent. Mmmmm!
*Blend #6: Monster Cooker/Southern Creme Brulee/Pumpkin Chai (OP) (J): OOOOOOOOOOMG! There is a little bit of pumpkin chai here, but most of what I am smelling is a buttery cookie scent mixed with that rich southern creme brulee! This is one I think my grandma will like, so I am going to split it with her! This will make the whole house smell good, I guarantee it!
*Blend #7: Peppermint/Christmas Past (OP) (J): This is what Christmas smells like in my mind when I think about that word. A strong minty freshness segues into a a hefty dose of that unmistakable pine tree fragrance and perhaps a small touch of sweetness from the peppermint. It sort of reminds me of Vick's! One of my favorites from the order!!
*Blend #8: Pink Sugar/Margarita/Watermelon Slush (OP) (J): ...and this is what summer smells like in my mind! AGH, so good! The watermelon is dominant here with lime from the margarita and fragrant pink sugar rounding out the background notes. Mmmmm, this might have to be melted tomorrow. ;)
*Blend #9: Peppermint/Royal Sugar Cookie (OP) (D): I don't know/remember the differences between Rosegirls' cookie scents, but royal sugar cookie really is a lot sweeter to my nose. The peppermint here tones it down and makes it really interesting! Can't wait to melt this one.
*Blend #10: Sweet Pumpkin Pie/ Vanilla Bean Noel/Vanilla Wafers (OP) (D): Another favorite of mine from our club. YUM! I am not typically a bakery gal, but this has just enough VBN and a touch of something else to satiate my need for more in a bakery scent. So good! If you think you don't like bakery, try vanilla wafers from Rosegirls, and I promise you, it might change your mind.
*Blend #11: Peppermint/Lemonade/Sugared Apple (OP) (D): Remember when I said muffin club allows you to explore your blending capabilities to try things wacky or new? Well, this is as new and as weird as it gets, but in a good way! Lol! I LOVED the idea of this blend, suggested by Deb, and it is another favorite of mine. It's so unique and so wonderful smelling. The sugary apple lends nicely to the sweet lemonade, all rounded out with a distinct peppermint. I can't wait for Deb to get her package and smell this to see what she thinks!!
*Blend #12: Christmas Past/Cranberry Orange (OP) (D): I get a lot of the orange from this with a sweeter smelling cranberry and a little bit of pine, though the pine is much more muted since it is a chunk scent. Quite nice! I think this reminds me of some sort of jam I have tried (weirdly enough??), but I can't remember that, either, lol. Where has my mind gone?
*Blend #13: Sweet Lemon Confection/Orange Revival/Sage (OP) (L): Rosegirls' sweet lemon confection scent is STRONG, ya'll, way strong. I get a little orange, but mostly lemon, and the sage? Goodness! I was trying to recreate something like Yankee Candle's sage & citrus blend, and though it's not quite the same, it's still really good!
*Blend #14: Cherry Berry Punch/Lemonade (OP) (L): this blend is the same as the ones sold in chunks, and since I wanted to try it but didn't want a full bag of it, I asked the gals if this blend was okay. Unfortunately, I hate it. I don't know how the others will feel about this, but it smells pukey to me, and not because of the scent, but because of my scent taste. Cherry Berry Punch was not a good idea for me, lol. Sorry again, gals!
*Blend #15: Vanilla Bean Noel/Strawberry Raspberry Guava/Marilyn (OP) (L): the sweetness from the vanilla bean tones down the fruitiness from the strawberry raspberry guava and Marilyn, but this is basically a fruit explosion and I LOVE IT. The strawberry is the strongest part of the SRG scent. We picked some really good blends, ladies!
*Blend #16: Marshmallow Smoothie/Celtic Moonspice/Apple Puff Pastry (O) (L): mmmmm, this one smells SO good. Nice and mellow on the celtic, but the spice is still there, lingering sexily in the backgroun. Apple-y, marshmallow-y, gooey and delightful, I'll keep this for fall, or??? ;) Lovely!
There you have it! I can't wait to do another round of muffin club at some point! Do any of these scents sound like ones you'd want to try? Do you like Rosegirls? What are the best blends you've ever created?


  1. LOVE this post, these muffins and MUFFIN CLUB! I truly love them all!!!! Even the cherry berry lemonade. I can't stop smelling them!

    1. YAY! I love muffin club, too!! WOOHOO!! Ugh, cherry berry lemonade, what a flop! :(

  2. Yum! Everything sounds amazing! I might have to borrow Deb's Peppermint/Lemonade/Sugared Apple (OP) sometimes!

    1. You should definitely try that unique blend! The more I smell it, the more I am drawn to it. It's really somethin' else!

  3. I think we all did pretty good this time around. Looks like the cran/orange smoothie is a favorite for all of us. Hubby mentioned one reminding him of summer too, but I don't remember offhand if it was the same you mentioned it for.

    Although I hate the process of eventually having to chop these up, I am looking forward to diving in and melting them.



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