Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Subscription Box Corner: February 2015 OrangeGlad Sweet Box Review!

A little while ago, OrangeGlad put out a message on their Instagram saying they were looking for bloggers who wanted to write about their Sweet Box subscription box. I jumped at the chance and after a quick email exchange with Matt from OrangeGlad, a few weeks later, this box of goodies showed up at my doorstep!

*Now, I did receive this box for free, but as you know, I will be 100% honest and all of the photos, thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. So, please enjoy my thoughts on this subscription box!
This is the box that housed my goodies! I like the orange theme in the font and photos on the outside of the box, which I'm assuming is standard. The donut graphic is also super cute!
Upon opening the box, this is what greeted me! I really enjoy when subscription boxes take extra precautions with shredded tissue paper to ensure (or at least attempt to make sure) things don't get broken or smashed.
As with most subscription boxes now, there are cards right on top detailing each item in the box. I always save this for when I pull the items out of the box one by one and read them to Josh so we know what's what! I really, really like how OrangeGlad puts a "best buy" date of sorts at the end of each description letting the consumer know when the product will be at its best. Of course, it didn't matter to me because we ate everything in one sitting. #DontJudgeUs
The flip side of the card! Very cute Valentine's day appeal with messages on how to save 15% and earn free boxes by using Instagram!
I am a sucker for presentation, and well, this box/its wrapping is one of the cutest subscription boxes I have seen, honestly! Look at the cute bow! I don't know if this comes on every month's box, but it should because this little touch sent the packaging over the edge for me, So sweet!
The writing on the box. Again, really simple yet really informative and pretty!
Open the box and what do you see? Goodies! WOOHOO! This was obviously a Valentine's day box, even judging by the colors of the treats and the graphic on the card above! Let's take a look inside, shall we?
First, we have the Sugar Bowl Bakery Petite Palmiers. We have had palmiers many times and we like them just fine, but never think to buy them ourselves. They are sort of a more crispy, cookie-fied version of a croissant. This particular palmier didn't have as much "bite" as a like, but it was still quite tasty. I would have liked for there to be something else to this, maybe some more sugar crystals on top to make it interesting? Our rating: 3.5/5.
Next up, this intriguing box of cookies by Salem Baking: Moravian, a brand I am not familiar with at all. Anything chocolate dipped is good in my book. Just glance at the link above and browse their website...oh man, cookie heaven, amirite?
There were quite a few cookies in the silver package in the box! This was my favorite item from this month's subscription box. Though not stated on the ingredient label, these cookies had a nuttiness to them that took them over the edge. Love the color, love the crispy crunch of the cookie, and the chocolate...oooohhh, the chocolate. So delicious!! Our rating: 5/5.
Thirdly, we have this intriguing box of something! Another point to OrangeGlad for both presentation and packaging. Adorable!
Inside the box were two truffles from Annalisa Chocolates, another place I had never heard of, but one that look really interesting based on its website. That's the cool thing about subscription boxes, you get to learn about all sorts of different delicacies from all around the country and sometimes even the world!
On the left, we have the caramel sea salt truffle (*drooool*) and on the right, a raspberry truffle. Romantic! These are both all natural!
Here's a look at the cross-section of the salted caramel truffle. Nice, gooey inside topped with yummy salt crystals. Salty and sweet is a quintessential combination for desserts! Anything with salted caramel and we are there in a heartbeat. This truffle was pretty good! The "goo" inside was nice and velvety and the chocolate and salty outside combined really nicely with the texture of the inside. Our rating: 4/5.
Here's the cross-section of the raspberry truffle. While I am typically a fan of the raspberry/chocolate combo, for some reason, this truffle didn't do it for us. The raspberry was far too floral for our liking and the middle "goo" was an odd texture. What a bummer. The chocolate was still good, but the raspberry sort of ruined it. Our rating: 3/5.
Cheryl's Buttercream Valentine's cookie reminds me of a Lofthouse cookie, only smaller. Cute but simple packaging, lots of ingredient information.
The front and back of the cookie. Don't let looks deceive you, this cookie was much crunchier and more crumblier than we expected. By the looks of it, it's a soft, delicate cookie with ooey, gooey buttercream, but the red dye in the frosting ruined it for me. Red and black dye/food coloring often has a weird, bitter taste to it and this was no exception. The cookie was hard, the frosting was hard, the sprinkles did not fit. Maybe it just didn't transport well, but this was not very good. The one thing it had going for it was the flavor of the cookie, which was nice and buttery underneath all the crumbles. Our rating: 2/5.
 MINT! Mint anything is the way to my heart!
The coolest thing about this fudge, made by OrangeGlad themselves, is that it came in an adorable little mason jar that we get to keep! YAY!
Unfortunately, this fudge, which is a mix of chocolate, mint and Oreo's, was not the best thing, either. The Oreo's gave this a strange taste and texture, somewhat grainy or gritty. While the fudginess and mint flavoring were just right, they should have stopped there. Our rating: 2.5/5.
Thanks to OrangeGlad for sending me this box for free, and as I mentioned above, all opinions, comments and photos are my own. The links provided are not affiliate links, but simply links to outside vendor websites!

While we didn't love everything in this box, I might even sign up for this box for next month so I can see what other treats they have up their sleeves! Have you heard of OrangeGlad? Does anything in this box sound interesting or tasty to you? Let me know!


  1. Awesome Lauren!!! Those red heart chocolate dipped cookies stand out for sure! What a fun box.

    1. Those cookies were so good! Have you ever tried that company?

  2. Interesting! Cool that you got to try this for free. I found with that other treat box that my tastes for treats are too simple for these types of subscriptions. It will be fun to see what you get though! :)


    1. I thought it was cool that they offered them up for free! Some of these treats were just so-so, but it's always fun to open up an unknown box and see what is inside!


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