Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Subscription Box Corner: July 2015 Flicker Box Review!

Flicker Box...my love, my life! I absolutely love finding new candles, scents, and vendors each month through this subscription box service, so let's jump right into the July box and see what newness cropped up this time around!
The box, as per ush.
The theme for July 2015 was "Blue Lagoon." Doesn't that conjure up a lovely mental image of beaches, summer, cool water, and hot days? Unless you're a horror movie freak like me, then you might think of bogs and flies and sticky goo monsters...sorry to ruin that picture in your head!
Upon opening the box, I spied these 2 votive candles. VOTIVES! COOL! I have been so used to getting candles in glass jars or tins, I forgot Flicker Box often sends other types of wax/candle shapes. I like votives a lot, even more when they throw. The one on the left is COOL WATER and the one on the right is SAND DUNE, both from Armadilla Wax Works. Another new company, too! WOOT! I have burned the Cool Water votive, but not the San Dune one. They both smell really great on cold sniff and Cool Water has a medium throw. I will do an individual review of Sand Dune if y'all want!
Citronella! Nothing says summer quite like bugs, and citronella is supposed to be a good remedy to keep those pesky little fliers out of your face. I love that this box has such a variety of wax to it this month! There are 6 tealight candles in this box from Blue Dipper Wax Works based out of Seattle WA (nifty box, huh?). I have used one outside, but forgot it was there, so it extinguished. Going to use one of these this week when we have some work done on our house and the doors are constantly opened. PS: Does anyone know where to get some tealight holders besides Yankee Candle? Think cheap! ;)
This is probably the most aesthetically pleasing Flicker Box I have received. Look at the adorable charm on this candle from Earth Meets Water! And that lid! Gorgeous! This candle is in a mason jar (swoon) and is a peachy orange colored wax, scented in Toucan Jungle, a fruity/tropical explosion. I have melted this candle 3 times. The first time, the wick collapsed in on itself. I thought Josh blew it out since we left the kitchen for a while, but no, it collapsed in on itself...like, curled over, fetal position and all. I was perplexed...I've never seen a wick do that before! No fans were on and no windows were opened. The second time, I burned around the area of the wick to create a bit of space to get it standing back up. While the burn lasted an hour, eventually, the flame got so low, it burned out. Bummed, but not yet sold, I melted it the next day and it worked just fine, though a bit of tunneling has started. I am determined to give this candle my all! Needless to say, I haven't gotten a whole heck of a lot of output from this candle, so I will report back if anything changes. I love this company's labels and charms and they have tonnnnnnnnns of beachy stuff and wax melts, too! I am planning an order soon!
Don't you just LOVE the labeling on the Wood and Wax Handcrafted Goods candle? UGH, I serious fell in love with this candle at first sight based on the label alone, The, then I opened the lid and saw it was a wood wick candle? END OF STORY. Love wood wicks! On top of this, ocean and sea salt scents are my jam. This candle smells great! It's one that builds in strength the longer it has been lit, but it's a nice and pleasant medium in our bedroom. I had a helluva time with the wick the first burn, but this issue has since been corrected and I am in love with this scent. Yay!
Though there were a few individual problems, I LOVED this box. It was so full of great scents and an awesome variety of wax! I fall more and more in love with this company and candles again each time I get this box and melt my goods. Until next time!


  1. Gah, I just love when you review your sub boxes, especially the candle ones. I saw that you liked Wood and Wax on FB and I immediately went to their page and fell in love with, yes, the font and labeling. I was relived to hear that it also burns relatively well. :)

    1. Their font and labeling are just so polished and elegant!! I hope you do place an order or at least keep them in mind!


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