Friday, August 28, 2015

To Try: Petunia's Corner's Vanilla Cardamom Candle!

Petunia's Corner is a newer candle vendor on Etsy and one I heard about on Instagram. We were in contact about me trying a candle in exchange for an Instagram post/photo, which I did a while back, but this candle deserves and entire post, to be honest. So, here I am, many months later, finally getting my s**t together and blogging about it! Take a look!
Inside my box was this big long instruction guide and about me pamphlet. Very informational!
Dina's business card, cute!
Honestly, I wanted to make this post for the packaging alone. In my box was this smaller box with a nice gold bow! Ain't it pretty? I kept the ribbon, lol.
She let me pick the scent I wanted, and after a long debate between a few fragrances, I chose Vanilla Cardamom. I took a chance on this since it contains cardamom, which has come off as too astringent to my nose (especially when mixed with other spices) in the past, but I am sure glad I picked it. I have often talked about Bates Nut Farm on this blog, I even did a haul/photo post a few years back. We would always go there during Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas to look at pumpkins and feed the animals. There is a general store there, and this scent smells exactly like that store! I was floored! Once I burned it for the first time, I let it go waaaay longer than I should have because I didn't want to extinguish it. It made me feel so happy! It's slightly bakery, slightly homey goodness. The vanilla is front and center, mixing well with spices to create something truly wonderful. The best smells in wax and candles often create scent memories, which we have also discussed in an Order of the Odor post, and this candle has definitely stuck in my mind. 
I burned it three times, and each time, the burn was wonderful, clean as far as pooling out to the sides, and had a medium-high to high scent throw. Also, can we talk about the presentation of this candle? I have to admit, I love white wax candles every now and then, there's something so stylish and elegant about simple white wax. Does that sound stupid? LOL. I also love mason jar candles, and when Dina adds her rustic brown label complete with pretty font and a piece of twine to her product, the entire thing wraps together so nicely in a neat, chic package. In fact, all of her products are really cute. She also makes more than jarred candles, she makes mason jar wall sconces, painted and distressed mason jars, mason jar lamps, and tea light candles. I have to admit, I have reserved the rest of this candle for actual fall, so I don't waste it and save some for when it gets a little chillier (LOL YEAH RIGHT), but it looks like Petunia's just came out with their new fall scents, so check out Dina's Etsy shop! Thanks for the chance to try your candle, Dina, and I will get grabbing some of your 4 ounce jar candles soon! :)

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  1. This candle and company sound wonderful! My sister won some tealights from them too. So cool they partnered with you! I live these kinds of scents.


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