Monday, August 31, 2015

Haul: Glitterati Candle Company Custom Order Haul!

In June (!!!), I ordered from Glitterati Candle Co. for the first time. Their wax came highly recommended by many fans and friends, so I will share my haul, even though it's massively overdue. Starting with the samples!
-Lovespells & Lemon Drops: I have this melting in the bathroom right now and it's incredible! The lovespells is a straight perfume dupe of the Victoria's Secret scent from my youth. WOW. And the lemon adds a nice zestiness. I just LOVE this. And, one little cube is super strong. Yes!
-Violet & Birch: another scent that has never been on my radar, violets are sort of sweet, aren't they? This is okay, not my favorite scent, but it's nice. I have a feeling it may develop a bit more when warming, become stronger.
-Mac Apple Cranberry Woods VBN: what a mouthful, lol! Brilliant scent, truly. Mac apple is my favorite apple, and when mixed with creamy VBN and earthy, damp and sweet cranberry woods? ERMAHGERD. Incredible! Big bag worth! A blend to remember in the future.
-White Tea & Pomegranate: isn't white tea a more floral scent on its own? I have always seen "white tea" and have run away from it, but this is really lovely. Sweet, fruity, slightly floral, I think I am a white tea fan!
-Citrus Herb Cocktail: veeeeerry herby. Not sure I love this one. It smells strong on cold sniff, but the scent beyond the citrus just isn't for me.
-Iced Tea Mango Sage: a really nice balance of sage and mango with some minor floral notes underneath it all! Not my typical type of scent but I really like this!
I also got 3 Bite Bags, which includes 12-18 individual, easy-to-use tarts totaling 10 ounces for $10.

-Pink Marshmallow Fireside: AMAZING. I believe this was recommended to my by Julie from The Redolent Mermaid, and if she did, kudos to her suggestion. Wow, this is wonderful! You have to be a fan of Marshmallow Fireside's smokiness to like this, and if you do, you'll be hooked. Can't wait to melt this!
-Pink Peppermint: ...what? You think I'd order from a new company and not try their pink peppermint? ;) I have also heard raves about Glitterati's pink peppermint being extra strong, so I couldn't pass up a couplea bags. It definitely has a nice throw, but I have noticed her wax doesn't always last as long as other wax might.
I also got a couple chunks, which are $2.50 a piece and individually bagged and a maximum of 50 different chunks per order. There is also no minimum, so you can get individual chunks of your own blends, as well as pre-made blends. I like that Glitterati offers customers to get one chunk of any blend, but I also see a problem when people can order up to 50 of any blend they want. This alone probably adds a lot to her TAT, but it's great for people like me who want to try out blends and are too afraid to jump right into a big bag. Most of these chunks are big enough to cut into two, perhaps even 3 different melts! Anyways, let's look at these chunkies!

-Pink Sugar Toasted Marshmallow: a must for me, honestly. I love this scent, so I wanted to smell what Glitterati's was like. It's great! The pink is a background note compared to the toasted marshmallow, but I don't mind at all. It smells so good.
Rebel Yell: Sangria White Peach/Watermelon/Cotton Candy
-Rebel Yell: white peach to me sounds like something with a floral undertone, but I couldn't pass up an alluring blend of watermelon and cotton candy. This is wonderful! A fruity, 80's explosion. It needs to be cut up, though, because this chunk is huge.
Purple Rain: Black Rasp. Vanilla, Chardonnay
-Purple Rain: another fan favorite, if I'm not mistaken. This smells lovely! Chardonnay scents and wine scents in general aren't always my favorite, but when mixed with black raspberry vanilla, ohhhh boy. Again, another one that'll need to be cut.
Amish Kitchen: Vanilla, cinnamon, clove, allspice, sugar, nutmeg, bakery and fruits
-Amish Kitchen: fruits? Not to much. Spice? HELL YES. This is right up my alley and I have done my darnedest to save it until fall. So, so good. It smells like spice heaven!
-Pink Rosemary Peppermint: As many of you might know, I love peppermint scents. Recently, I discovered a rosemary peppermint scent from another vendor, but instead of spearmint this time, I added pink sugar because, well, it's me. I like this, but the rosemary is definitely center stage. Herbaceous, peppermint, and slightly musky, this is a must have for mint fans.
I also grabbed a few scent shots, which are 1.5 ounces for $1.75 a piece and a maximum of 50 different shots per order. Love this starry bag!
Here's what they are:

-Cucumber Mint: a friend of mine has raved about this scent in the past, and until now, I have never been serious about it. Believe the hype, fresh fans! This is SO good. Clean, unmistakable cucumber and cool, refreshing mint makes for one amazing blend. This is strong, too. Delish and fresh to death.

-Holiday: Holiday, like, the Madonna song, not like Christmas. Toasted Coconut, Orange Soda, and Cotton Candy mix for an interesting blend that sort of smells like something you'd eat at a fan. Sugar coated orange sweetness with wisps of coconut.

-Strawberry Cream Lemon Meringue: I took a chance on this one, hoping it wouldn't be too crusty from the meringue part, but it is. Sure, the other notes are there, but for some reason, all I smell is crust. Meh. Maybe it will be a nice melange when melting!
That's my haul, everyone! Anything stand out as a favorite to you? What should I melt first? Have you ordered from Glitterati? Any favs or must-haves for next time?


  1. I can relate with the overdue hauls! Better late than never is definitely my motto :) I was taken aback by how much I loved the Lovespell & Lemon Drops, it is amazingly long lasting and so strong. Her little sample cubes sure do a pack a punch, don't they?
    I'm so happy for Glitterati's success -- I'm number 6 hundred something on the custom list -- right?! But I'm pretty sure when my name comes up, I'm going to be completely unprepared.

    1. Agreed, better late than never! Wasn't lovespell & lemon drops amazing!? I wish I had known, I would have gotten some more! I am happy for her success, too, but I selfishly wish she'd lower the limit on custom chunks and scent shots...I should have signed up for customs again, now I have to wait another year, lol! You should make a list every month and see how it changes based on your tastes! :)

  2. Pink marshmallow firesideeeeeeeee yea yuh!!!! So glad you love it! You got some amazing scents in a nice mixture of shapes and mediums. I like her scent shots best. The bite bags are nice too.


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