Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Subscription Box Corner: July & August 2015 Treatsie Box Review!

I totally failed on my Treatsie box review from July. Again, I failed, another month gone by. I could justify it and say, well, it took them for-effing-ever to ship the damn thing (DO NOT add to the box if you want to receive your shipment on time!!!!!!), which it did, but I also failed trying the items and reviewing the products. August, well, that was simply my laziness and residual anger about July.

Forgive me?

Here's the reviews, if anyone still cares to hear about 'em!
July box.
July card.
I'm probably the only freak in the world that liked black licorice. Everyone else thinks I'm daft and mad. Anya's Licorice was enticing, until biting. Gummy, strange, more like an over-sized but not as tasty gummy bear, these were just weird. The strawberry was the most tolerable, the mango was the least. 2/5.
Despite being chock full of weird ass ingredients, like dried cherries, sunflower seeds, almonds, and peanuts, Shotwell's Tennessee Toffee was awesome! Buttery, not super sweet, and a mix of ingredients that mesh oddly well together, this was a great product, but those with crowns, STAY AWAY. 4.5/5.
WackyM's Kitchen sent along 2 types of cookies: salted caramel and margarita cookies. The salted caramel cookies were very good, but very salty. The caramel mixed well with the nice buttery cookie and was topped with crystals of salt. Real good! 3.5/5. The margarita cookies? Not so much. They were very strange, almost too acidic, in a bad way. Not in the refreshing limey way. 2/5.
I added 2 items to my box. One was a box of the NutWhat's almond brittle, which I received a month or two back, and it took almost an extra month to ship. Luckily, after waiting 2 weeks (before the month, lol), they finally got it together and emailed us that they were sending out the July boxes (in August, I might add) since it was taking so long for them to get their shipment of the which my response is...why offer it on your website it you don't have it in stock with no ETA when it will be available???? But anyways, if you ordered X amount of extra add ons, you got this chocolate bar from Nunu for free. Dark chocolate, now that I couldn't pass up. This was a great chocolate bar, if you're into just straight chocolate bars. 4/5.
August's card.
Open box.
I feel like there has been a Grey Ghost Bakery product before in a box many months ago. This time, they sent along 2 sets of 2 cookies, one set in Peanut Butter and the Chocolate Chip.
I don't really know how their cookies have won any awards because they are dry as hell; there's a difference between crispy crunchy cookies and dry ones, and these are plain and simply dry. Like, I'm not a fantastic baker, but I know how to make moist dessert. The peanut butter cookies crumbled instantly into shards of bland crunchiness. There's really nothing special here and not even particularly peanut buttery, surprisingly. It feels like there are too many ingredients on this list. 2/5.
The chocolate chip cookies are a little better, but not by much. Still dry and boring. 2/5.
Walker Creek's Damn Fine Candy sent sea salt caramels and booooooy are they delicious. I ate these right up and quick. Very soft caramels, not "stick to your teeth and remove your crowns" kind of chewy, just melt in your mouth softness. 4.5/5.
Butterfields Candies was very gracious in this box and sent 3 two ounce bags of their hard candies. First, there's the Honeybell (orange blossom) flavor. WOW, these are awesome! Simple, delicious, juicy, sweet, crisp and refreshing. We love these and absolutely would buy them again! 5/5.
The lemon candies are no different in amazingness and are even better than the honeybell/orange flavor. Slightly sweet, a little tangy, if you like lemon anything, you need to try these. They are so damn good! 5/5.
We are not huge peach fans in this household, but their peach hard candies are really good. They are not as great as the orange and lemon candies, but still really good! 4/5.
Sorry again for the delay, and I know these are late, but I wanted to put them out there because I'll feel bad if I don't! I am still relatively unhappy with Treatsie because of their slow shipping, slow customer service response time, and pretty inconsistent products, and yet, I keep thinking they will change. I need to just cancel and re-appropriate my fundage to the Vella Box! Thanks for reading!


  1. Dang. What a kerfuffle!!! I would be pissed too. But those caramels? Yep. I need them and going to google them soon. I think you have definitely given Treatsie plenty of passes. Maybe there is a better sweets box out there for us?

    1. Salted caramel anything is okay with me! Maybe we need to pool our resources and find the best salted caramel online??? Joint post??? For research????!! :) ;)

  2. The August box looks like one I would have enjoyed. I'm so dang picky about food and snacks. lol

    Everything always looks so yummy when I see them in your posts, but I remember the month of two I did get the Treatsie box, we just let most of the stuff sit until we eventually gave it away or tossed it out.


    1. If they let you do a LITTLE more personalization, would you be interested in trying it again? I think that's their biggest downfall, but the stuff they do have is often hit or miss, I don't blame you for throwing things out or giving them away.

    2. Personalization would be nice but not to the point where I'd know what I was getting. One of the most fun things about subscription boxes for me is that element of surprise each month.



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