Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Haul: Supertarts Haul #1!

Super Tarts has always been on my "list of vendors I want to order from," and though I won an auction from Brandy a long time ago, my experience was 50/50. Great wax, but there's definitely a wait. Brandy herself is really, really nice, but she was so bogged down with orders at the time, I think she forgot about the auction winnings and I waited quite a while to get what I won. She did make up for it with a humongous extra, but I'm just saying, she can get a lot of orders!

I placed an order on a whim while in a doctor's office waiting room a few months back because what better time????? LOL. Her stuff gets rave reviews from fans, and her blends are so. damn. interesting., I basically had to order. Now, remember, this is a few months old, so some of this has been melted, and I will try to mention if it has been and how it performed!
Her freaking awesome business card. Her scent lines are comic book, TV, movie, music, geeky-types of themes, which I love and am down with 100%, though I have always wondered (as a random sidebar), can a vendor get in trouble for using the likeness of another "thing" such a a movie or brand? I've noticed some vendors misspell LUSH in a L*SH type of way, I think in order to save their behinds from lawsuits? Regardless, Brandy's was themes are some of the best in the business. Clever, creative, and very cool!
She sent along this piece of paper with the scent descriptions of all the items in his particular restock. OMG, Do you know what a great idea this is?! Vendors, PLEASE do this more often!! It's not that I'm lazy, but it's a royal pain in our asses to go back and forth and back and forth trying to figure out what's in a scent! Anywho, onward with my haul!
Passion fruit + Jaws (sea salt, fresh air, sea grass, sliced plum, sweet pear)
-Skinny Dipping: Jaws is one of Brandy's most talked about scents on the Facebook wax groups. Jaws is a really fresh blend of fruit and nature, and when mixed with passion fruit here, I can see why it's a top seller. YUM! This is such a nice scent. Calming, almost!
Pink sugar blended with out sweet lavender cream
-Go To Sleep (2): Pink sugar lavender? C'mon, y'all know me. I had to get 2. I like this, but the sweet lavender cream should be taken literally. It does smell slightly of cream, almost lotiony. This is a good nighttime blend and I am almost done with me 2 clamshells.
Pomegranate, fresh apple cider and toasted marshmallows
-The Lost Boys: Doesn't this sound like it was blended for me? LOL. Look at that cute coffin stamp embed (cute coffin? Said no one ever???). I haven't melted this one yet as I am waiting for fall, but it smells wonderful on cold sniff. Not sure I get marshmallow, but there is a hefty dose of sweetness in this.
Magically delicious, warm sugar cookies dusted with sweet cinnamon sugar
-Snape: Another fan favorite. I don't like it. Marshmallow, yes, but cereal and cookies? Not for me. There is mostly cereal sweetness in this, bakery plus some more sugar. I knew when I was ordering I wouldn't like this, and got it anyway. Others will go ga-ga over it because of what's in it.
Zesty grapefruit & pink sugar crystals
-Finn & Jake: ADVENTURE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like this one, but I feel as if I have smelled it before. Grapefruit has a way of smelling pungent, and it's nice here, but this scent....I cannot place it. I have definitely smelled it in my scent-travels. Just can't pinpoint it. Anyways, this one is nice.
Magically delicious + creamy orange sherbet
-Ron: I'm a sucker for orange/orange sherbet scents, and I was hoping it would overpower the magically delicious. It's strong than the cereal scent, sure, but it's still lingering in the background. I like this one a lot more than I liked Snape. Pretty good, we'll see how it performs when melting!
Peachy coconut smoothie, cotton candy, seaside
-90210: This scent screams 90210. Fruity, coconutty, peachy sweet explosion with a bit of a sea-type of note. I like this one a lot and have melted it completely with a strong throw each time. Very lovely, a definite repurchase!
Pomegranate, mac apple, sweet lolli
-Twilights: Bella's Blood: As I expected, the mac apple overpowers everything in this blend, and it doesn't matter to me one bit that it does. I love mac apple, the crispness, the freshness, the mildy alluring aroma of apples....mmmm, so good. Sweet lolli provides a sugary background for this, and I don't know if it's a mix of the pomegranate and the apple, but I get something else there, too. Maybe it's the way all 3 of these bad boys melange together. Real good, but only for true apple lovers. It's strong!
Fresh picked strawberries and cotton candy frosting
-Elektra: A popular blend at this moments in the wax community! Cotton candy frosting seems to have exploded in popularity within the last year for its gooey sweetness and its versatility in blending. This one is alright, not my favorite of the bunch, it's just sort of 'there.' Nothing special about it, but it's not bad in any way. I will report back on this one.
Eucalyptus + Vickies
-Just Breathe: Josh has been having some sinus troubles as of late, so I got this with him in mind. I haven't melted it just yet, since he has to be in the right mood for a eucalyptus scent and sometimes, it can come off as very soapy and gross to his nose. This one is INSANELY strong and very pungent on cold sniff, so I will also report back on it, too.

***One other thing I wanted to mention was most of these had to be repackaged (RIP, lovely clamshell packaging) because they had a skunky smell to the clamshells, not an overly offensive one, but one bigstong enough for me to notice. Not a huge deal, and I know some vendors are quick to jump on the offensive, stating that no lingering smells actually transfer into the wax once you're melting it, but Sweet Jasmine Vine from another vendor and I are gonna have to disagree with them on this front. I have read this before and left the wax in clamshells only to return to Skunk. City., melted and unmelted. Just to be safe, I repackaged these, I'd hate to spend over $50 from a vendor and have a mound of unusable wax at the end of it all. C'mon, better to be safe than sorry.***
Anyways, that's my haul! Do you like Super Tarts? Have you ever been compelled to order from her? What sounds good to you?


  1. 90210 with peach? Peach Pit! Perfect!!! The Jaws one sounds the most interesting to me by far! Sorry about the skunky clams. I enjoy the scent shots from Super Tarts a lot. Do you plan on reordering down the line?

    1. Oh yeah, you're right! I didn't even realize, peach and peach pit! LOL! Skunky clams are no bueno, I think if I order again, I will stick to scent shots or bam bars!

  2. Out of curiosity, how do you repackage your wax? I've been meaning to do that with some of mine but I don't know what will be best.


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