Monday, March 3, 2014

Review: Lasting Scent Candles Pink Sangria (type)

All you actual weather-havers out there are going to think I'm silly for saying this, but it rained this weekend. I don't mean a little bit, it rained A LOT.
So much so that part of our backyard got a little bit flooded.
There was a crack in my window and the flood board of the passenger seat of my car got drenched. #SanDiegoProblems
HEY, before you get all judgy-wudgy, know that we don't get rain here very often, as referenced by our DROUGHT. :(
...type? Anyone know what the "type" here is referring to? (Nevermind, it's a Bath & Body Works type)
Anywho, being stuck inside this weekend, I wanted something fruity, but not something overly tropical like a straight-up coconut or pineapple scent. Pink Sangria sounded like just the thing to hit the spot.
I have been reaching for my Lasting Scent Candles tarts more often mainly because I feel like if I use them up, the Wax Goddesses will look down upon me and I will be able to re-order from them when they reopen! Well, hopefully. ;)
This scent was nice, decent in strength, and you could actually smell the drink in this! It was a fruit explosion with citrus notes, raspberry, grapes, and, well, lots of wine!
Unfortunately, the problem with this scent shot is that it fizzled rather quickly. I think I only got about 3.5 hours of go-time with this scent shot. I would repurchase this again because I liked it so much, but I wish the performance would have been different for me! That being said, it may do better in a different type of warmer. If you're looking for something tropical without being too coconutty or pineappley, this is your thing!

Lasting Scent Candles Pink Sangria (type)
Cold Rating: 6.5/10; having never had sangria in real life, I'd imagine it is just as winey as this tart smells on cold sniff. I smell alcohol, grape, berry, and a citrus note. This is good!
Lit Rating: 6.5/10; this is a very good drink scent and can be classified as such because you can actually smell the drink/alcohol part. Often, that note gets lost in the shuffle. This tart is not overwhelming, though! Fruity, fun, but I wish the "pink" in this wasn't just a name...a little pink sugar never hurt anything. ;)
Throw Rating6/10; this one had a good throw, but it fizzled fast. Unfortunately, I like my scents to last a long time! But, while it lasted, it did pack a nice medium punch.
Overall Rating6.5/10; nice on a rainy day. Tropical without being too pina colada. Again, wanting a gigantic drink with an umbrella. Fizzy lifting drink. Wine. Never trying sangria. Grape jelly is a newly discovered love. Wish this had lasted longer!


  1. You've never had Sangria? It's the Wine Cooler's less embarrassing cousin and it is delicious.
    Inquiring boozies want to long do you expect your wax to throw strong? What's your ideal melt time?

    1. Isn't it sad that I've never tried sangria? GAH! Mmmmmmm, you've got me excited to try it!

      I think ideal melt time varies for me. Some days I want to change instantly, some days I want a scent to keep going all day, but in general, I think 5-6 hours is ideal with a good throw. If the throw isn't there, less. What do you think about this? It's really subjective to the day!

  2. I used to make some mad sangria concoctions back in the day! This sounds nice! Hope everything airs out quickly, but it sounds like you needed the rain.

    1. Do you still have your sangria concoction recipe?! That sounds so good!

  3. I've never smelled Pink Sangria from BBW, but it sounds like a really nice scent! I've heard rumblings lately of people saying their LSC scents aren't lasting as long as they have in the past. Maybe it's because all of our LSC stashes are older now since they open a lot less frequently? Who knows. Anyways, actual sangria is pretty much the love of my life though, you must try it. Fingers crossed for the LSC opening, I'll be stalking all week long!


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