Saturday, May 31, 2014

Swift & Supersonically Snappy Short Review #12: Tiffany Candles' Fluffy Marshmallow

I wrote an essay when I was 10 years old about how clouds look like marshmallows; I sent it into PBS to win a prize.
I didn't win.
I have never forgotten this sting of rejection.
Tiffany Candles' Fluffy Marshmallow
Cold Rating8/10
Lit Rating: 9/10
Throw Rating8.5/10
Overall Rating8.5/10; so delicious and creamy and sweet and wonderful! Rivals Front Porch's marshmallow for my favorite. Very strong throw, in fact, this lingered for a long time. Melted for 12 hours, threw strong for about 7 of them. Unfulfilled childhood dreams. I still love PBS and NPR. Doing stereotypical 87 year old things. Marshmallow clouds. Flying in dreams to eat said marshmallow clowns (Deb has made me aware of this typo and I love it so much I am leaving it in here, LOLOL). Serendipity. Serendipity restaurant. Going to New York is my dream. Dreams of being a writer....but always holding onto the sting of rejection at 10.


  1. You are a writer! A great writer! PBS, Downton Abbey?! I love all the marshmallow smells.

    1. PBS hates me! :(

      I love marshmallow scents too, they are so great and usually make anything better!

  2. The clouds became clowns?


    1. LMFAO, oh my god, that's the worst typo in history. Hilarious, but awful if you hate clowns....*shiver*

  3. This sounds divine! I love when scents linger....really fills up the room and makes me want to buy more!
    Tiffany's Candles was next on my list of vendors! (It's going to be my moving gift!)

    I love you blog, I get the posts emailed to me and it's such a fun work distraction....but bad for my list of "to buy" candles/wax! :)

    1. Marshmallow scents really are some of the best! They are just so creamy and homey!

      Thanks for reading! I am really bad at commenting on other blogs, but yes, they definitely are bad for the "to buy" list! LOL! Hope you get to try Tiffany Candles soon! :)


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