Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Subscription Box Corner: October 2015's Flicker Box Review!

October saw a "Sweater Weather" themed month from Flicker Box. And gladly! Shall we, then?
The box.
First look after opening the box.
The card displaying the contents of the box. Oh, I noticed they are promoting their Instagram/Twitter name and their hashtag! YAY!
Wood & Wax Co. is a company I heard about through Instagram. I think I have followed them for a while. Their stuff is super pretty, right down to their business card. Look at that thing! The font! I can smell those flowers. So, so, so gorgeous.
The candle came in a nice little drawstring bag.
When I opened this bad boy, I gasped. A WOOD WICK! YESSSSS. I love wood wick candles, even if they don't always work out the best. Autumn Leaves is a 9 ouncer and it smells so nice. I have had some minor problems burning it because of the wick, sometimes it self-extinguishes, and sometimes, the pool isn't even. This is unfortunate because they scent is rather delicate and pretty. Mildly airy and natural. I enjoy this one quite a bit! I still have a little less than half of this candle left!
I don't know if these cards from Big White Yeti are new or if I've just never seen them, but I love 'em. They are tall and thing, sleek and presentable. I have never seen a business care like this. So cool!
This is their 2 ounce Sweater Weather candle and it is gone. In fact, it has been gone for over a week now. I LOVED this scent. And if you're thinking, this candle is tiny, it'll have no throw, well, you'd be incorrect about that. The throw was much better than I expected for such a tiny candle! It was fruity, apples and some sort of mild spice, with an airy feel to it. What a winning combination! I definitely would purchase this again.
I apologize in advance to Uncommon Scents, but I can't review this candle because I gave it to a friend. Pumpkin souffle is definitely not my favorite scent, so I gave it to someone I knew would love it. I am now stalking their site to buy something from this vendor eventually. I love their labeling, though.
Another new to me vendor, Lit & Co Candles! And, another smaller business card. I am loving the cards this time around!!
Cranberry Clove, NOW we're talking! I love the sleek, clean look of this vendor. Nice white wax, one clean wick, sturdy tinted glass jar, lovely labeling, but how did it throw? Well, in a word, GREAT! The cranberry and clove come together to make a wonderful fall aroma. You can smell both the scents combine together for a wonderful and elegant scent that has a solid medium throw each time it is lit. Excellent one! I have burned about 1/3 of this candle and have had great results!
See anything you like from this Flicker Box? :)


  1. Pumpkin Souffle! That is one of my Thanksgiving must-haves from Sweet Fixations. Cranberry + Clove sounds yummy too! Love me some spiced cranberry scents in November.


    1. I, too, love spiced cranberry scents. This one is really lovely! You get a nice balance of both scents!


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