Sunday, November 8, 2015

Random Picture Post: Non-Waxy Photos From the Last Few Weeks #15!

We watch a lot of movies and sometimes TV in this house, and sometimes, I come across freeze frames and shots of the screen too good to pass up.
Current mood. LOOK at that haircape. I used this photo 2 posts ago and am still in awe of it. I should make it my phone background.
Current mood. My BB Ron Perlman lookin' fresh.
Current mood. The face I make when Starbucks says they are out of eggnog for their eggnog lattes. YOU HAD ONE JOB. Also, how I felt when I almost choked on a large piece of red plastic that was in my iced salted caramel mocha. YOU HAD TWO JOBS.
Current mood. When Josh said he wouldn't take me to the Backstreet Boys/Spice Girls tour. James Corden is my spirit animal.
Current mood. It would appear so.
Current mood. Big Boo was my failed attempt at a Halloween costume. It's especially bad when your friends make you feel bad about your costume.
Current muscles mood.
Current mood. Crazy Cage tells it like it is.
Current mood. How Keanu Reeves feels about the new "Point Break" remake. JUST STOP, HOLLYWOOD.
Current mood. Basically me every single day. #IWokeUpLikeThis
Current mood. Martin Sheen in his prime? GOOD LORD. Someone get me a fan.
Current mood. Busey is all of us.


  1. LOL!!!! This post!!!!!! Glad you are feeling fine <3 your failed attempt at BSB and Spice Girls mood is what Adam looked like when I asked him to take me to see the Red Hot Chili Pipers Scottish bag pipe band. HA!

    1. <3

      I love that you and Adam saw the Red Hot Chili Pipers!! :D


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