Saturday, November 7, 2015

Subscription Box Corner: October 2015's Love with Food Review!

I'm here today with my review for the October Love with Food subscription box! I'm gonna get straight into it without any bings, bangs, clangs, or whistles!
The box.
Open opening the box.
The pamphlet describing its contents.
Hubs Peanuts are home cooked in Virgina and are basically just super salty peanuts. I found nothing special about these. Sure, they were crispy and quite salty, but there really wasn't a damn thing special about these. If you know what a peanut tastes like, you know how these taste. 3/5.
Brothers All Natural Crisps dried fruits were such a bust it wasn't even funny. I am tepid on real bananas, but when freeze dried, these were bloody disgusting. The strawberries weren't much better. This package made me want to vomit and I only had one of each. The banana left a horrible aftertaste in my mouth and I wouldn't buy these to save my life. 0/5. Not even astronauts should eat this.
Beecher's handmade cheese crackers in the original flavor threw me for a loop. These are incredibly different. Not light and crispy, but thick and hearty, they tasted almost stale, even though they stayed crunchy throughout the cracker. There's little to no flavor in them. 2.5/5.
Dolcetto's cookies & cream wafer bites were good. Crunchy, sort of sweet but not too sweet, a good balance of cream in the middle and and crispy wafer on the outside. Nothing too special, but still quite tasty! 3.5/5.
We have had Cosmos Creations in the past in their sweet varieties and have loved them. In fact, they are one of my favorite store bought snacks. The cheddar and pepper variety was good. Slightly spicy from the pepper, super salty from the cheddar, and just right for us. You have to like really puffy snacks to enjoy this, which luckily, we do. 4/5.
Torie and Howard's Chewie Fruities are like Starbursts, but natural. Chewy, satisfying, different flavors, these are awesome!! The texture is not similar as these are a bit more gummy, but they make up for it with flavors like blood orange and honey, and meyer lemon raspberry. YUM! 5/5.
Somersaults sunflower seed bites were surprisingly wonderful! The cocoa in these doesn't detract from the sunflowery taste and doesn't make them overly sweet, either. The star is the seeds, and what little sweetness is added is minor. These were SO good! 4.5/5. I would totally buy these.
The chocolate salted caramel protein bar from Luna made me think of my pal Deb, who loves these things. This one was good, sort of sweet, mostly chewy, similar to a Tiger's Milk in texture, though I think I prefer those. Still, not bad! 3.5/5.
The box was completely soured by the dried fruit, which gives me nightmares to even think about eating. Ughhhh. Overall, there was a couple of really good product in this box! Yum! Snack on, friends!!

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  1. I do love the Luna bars. I haven't seen that particular flavor around here though. I almost want to place an online order and get some variety, since Walmart only carries the same small handful of flavors.



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