Monday, September 12, 2016

Fall Fun Series: Apples!

So, I didn't post when everyone else did past weekend because I have literally melted nothing but pink peppermint in the entire house. Not super fall-ish, right? I haven't been in a fall mood lately, to tell you the truth. I'm only sort of a seasonal melter, but I've found I have to be in a good mood mentally, physically, and emotionally to melt my favorite spicy/apple/fall scents.* {*read: I might also be a fall hoarder with my limited stash?} Also, we haven't even started to think about fall decor, and truth be told, we haven't been anywhere with a great selection of fall stuff. It's a shame, I know.

I did, however, want to showcase some APPLE STUFF! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, APPLES! There's nothing better than a good, strong apple scent in the thick of fall. Some of these are older photos because I don't have any of the good stuff at the moment, but they are previous melts reviewed on the blog. Here are some of my favorite apple things.
I haven't been on Bath & Body Works' website in a long, long time. And we need soap desperately. I just can't's too tempting! Plus, ever since they raised the price of their candles to an exorbitant amount, it's not too hard to stay away. So, to answer my own question, no, I don't know if B&BW sells this Pumpkin Apple candle anymore, but I got it....I want to say last year? and have been only melting it when we have company. I looooooooooooooooooooove this candle. It's more apple than pumpkin, but it's still got a richer, deeper mix than if it were just straight apple. It's got a touch of spice, too, and when I put it in that owl candle holder (which was (A) on sale and (B) too hard to pass up because it goes with our decor), BAM. Instant success!
The. Best. Apple. Scent. In. The. World. No frills, no mess, no fuss. This is it. The creme de la creme. Go home, stop looking, you'll never find anything better than Beezy Tarts' Apple Clove Butter. Y'all know, I'll preach its amazingness until I die. It is insane. Spice and apple and that's it. Incredibly strong.
Lake Providence Lodge is a new favorite vendor of mine. I've never had an issue with her scents and have always found them to be highly fragrant and delightful (some haven't been my cup of tea, but that's a different story). It's not every day I get my husband to say "wow, what's that melting?!," but he perked right up the instant I put this bad boy in the warmer. We LOVE her Cranberry Apple scent. In fact, I need to order some more!
LPL's The Cabin is another spicy/apple mix, which you'll see is a theme of mine. The spicier, the better! There are some other fruit notes in the background of this one and even a touch of woods, too, but it's still incredible. Her apple blends are SO realistic!
Tiffany Candles was my second online vendor waaay back what seems like a decade ago (but was really more like 6 years ago, I want to say?). She has always been changing her blends, coming up with new ideas, and her Mac Apple Cactus & Sea Salt is one of my favorite fresh blends ever. There's a good balance of the two scents, and it's perfect for cleaning day!
I only had one teeny tiny little square of Glitterati's Mac Apple Cranberry Woods VBN, but I am *hooked* on this and am kicking myself that I didn't try to get on her custom sign-up list.*insert Napoleon Dynamite's UGH, FREAKIN' IDIOT sound effect here.* I am jonesing for some more of this! Each of the scents in this blend gets its chance to shine, but her mac apple...ohhhhhhhhh man...I can't think about it anymore, I'm only making myself sad! ;)
I have already blogged about my all time favorite fall recipe, Spiced Apple Cake with Orange Glaze, so I might be cheating by just including this link. I assure you, it'll be worth your time to check out! It has become a staple in our household around fall. It is uber spicy, mellowed out by apple butter and the orange glaze on top. Here's a photo. I am drooling on my keyboard. You can find the recipe here!

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  1. I just love that owl candle holder. So Scarlette got to pick out any mini candle at BBW recently and she picked Pumpkin Apple! The mini candle fragranced her whole room! And it has the cutest little squirrels on it. I can see why you like this scent.

    BEEZY!!! You totally sold me on Apple Clove Butter and now I have to stock up any time I see them in the shop. I melted them all recently but got two more in the mail yesterday. Nice collection of scents! I will be baking your apple cake loaf. I think they would make great mini loaf gifts.

    1. The candle holder was too expensive, even on sale and with a coupon, but I HAD to have it. Psh, it goes with everything, I told josh, LOL! :D

      Scarlette has good taste! Did she like the candle? Did you? It has a nice mellowness to it!

      J! Mini loafs are a great gift idea!! I love that, I think you can get little ceramic loaf pans at Michael's for cheap!

  2. Great post! I enjoyed reading all your featured melts. The LPL and Glitterati scents particularly appeal to me. That owl candle holder was totally worth it!

  3. ok. now i have two apple cakes to add to my baking list. Julie has one, now this one with the orange glaze - oh my!
    I hope you have a nice stockpile of Beezy's apple cove butter!
    The owl candle holder - I love it!

  4. That Apple cake sounds delicious!! I haven't been in a baking mood lately, but I'm feeling the need with all these fabulous recipes!

  5. Yuh-mmy. That loaf looks great - glaze everything. :)

  6. Yuh-mmy. That loaf looks great - glaze everything. :)


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