Friday, September 16, 2016

Fall Fun Series: Fall Music and Melts!

Hey all! Thanks for coming back to my blog! Today, we're talking fall music and melts!
Today, we are talking fall music! To get me in the mood for fall every year, we blast the soundtrack for "The Nightmare Before Christmas"! It's one of our favorite movies and we watch it each November 1st because it's not quite a Christmas movie, and it's not quite a Halloween movie, it's in between! If you listen to the video I've provided, it'll play each track of the soundtrack at a time, the whole soundtrack! WHOA! :)
We are a BIG Halloween household. We don't have any kids, but decorate our house each year, so it's no surprise we identity fall with Halloween! "The Monster Mash" is, of course, one of the more old school choices for Halloween, but it gets the job done and has a funky feel!
The original "Ghostbusters" song is a more kid-friendly Halloween tune, and another fun choice! Always puts me in the spirit for ghoulies.
Is fall complete without Michael Jackson's "Thriller"? HECK NO IT ISN'T.
Ahhhhhhhh, "Tubular Bells," because nothing says "fall" like "What an excellent day for an exorcism"!
For some reason, the "Lord of the Rings" soundtrack screams fall to me. "May It Be" especially. I love the soundtracks to movies when they are so, so consistent and beautiful, and this is one of the best if you life music like this.
Now, for the melts! I hope you all don't mind...but these are not exactly fall melts. I KNOW. I KNOW. This is a fall series, but it just hasn't felt like fall yet! Maybe when we get out Halloween boxes down (which Josh is slacking on but still!)...this is as fall as it has gotten in our San Diego household. I typically *hate* coffee scents, but this Hazelnut Kona candle I received from my Flicker Box this month? AMAZE.
Extreme Lemon from Rosegirls/Not Rosegirls, it has a medium throw in our space bathroom. I love the way this smells on cold sniff, but while melting? It's much less. I have another one of these, too. :/
I put Watermelon Coconut on before we went to bed the other day and it was insane what we woke up to was like all the watermelon had disappeared and all we had was coconut! Not complaining because Sugar & Spice is one of my top 5 favorite vendors, so I've come to expect no less than a high quality product each and every time. Shanna is an excellent vendor! This was one of those hyper pink warmer stainers, though, so watch out!
SPEAKING OF LORD OF THE RINGS, can we talk about how amazing Supertarts is? Now that she has a new ordering system, I've been able to order twice and have discovered Sam's Shire, which is fresh cut grass, watermelon, and rock candy. It is INCREDIBLE! So strong, such a great clean fruity scent. TRY THIS NOW!
Josh loves a good root beer blend, so luckily, I found some tucked away in my bathroom stash. This is super strong and even sort of fizzy, too! Syrupy root beer and sweet barrel notes. mmmmmm. (PS: Try alcoholic root beer by Not Your Father's, it'll change your life).
This bag of Wildberry Noel is old, REAL old, and yet it still has an incredible throw. This is one of my top 10 favorite CFTKR scents! Anyone buying from her this weekend?

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  1. Great fall music choices! LOTR music seems very fall-like to me. Julie mentioned it in her post and now I really want to watch them all again probably for the 30th time. Wildberry Noel sounds great!

  2. Those soundtracks!!!! Too funny you mentioned Tubular Bells... I grew up on some Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells. I used to watch a VHS we had of him playing in front of an old castle. I need to remedy my lack of Nightmare Before Christmas listening pleasures.

    Nice melts!! Maybe I need to revisit Super Tarts. Been forever!

  3. Great music choices! I thought about Thriller too; definitely not Hallow's without it. :)

  4. Did someone mention root beer? Specifically, not your father's root beer? I've fallen absolutely in love with that drink. My favorite soda ever mixed with a little bit of liquid courage? YES PLEASE.
    Your music choices hit me in all the right places. I love them!
    Wildberry Noel is an amazing blend. I had a small tart from one of my destashes and I always tell myself I'm going to get more. Then I forget. LOL

  5. Oh we can talk about how amazing Super tarts is all day long! I've had to restrain myself from checking her restock lists because if I look, I'll probably buy, no willpower. I've definitely bought more since Brandy switched to RTS, but haven't tried LOTR. Your Sam's Shire has me intrigued.
    Re: root beer scents, a little goes a long way for me, but I like Yankee's Rootbeer Float. Fab choice with the Ghostbusters theme, I have an ectomobile Christmas ornament that plays the theme, so fun:)

  6. I am more than intrigued with this new STs ordering system you speak of. I'm so far out of the loop, I had no idea. I gave up on ST in the beginning secretly hoping to revisit the shop once all the kinks got worked out. Maybe now is the time!


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