Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall Fun Series: RAOK and Melts!

Sorry for not posting last week at all, I hadn't melted anything but boring ol' peppermint from LPL. We were mostly out of the house getting ready for an upcoming local film festival we are attending, and one day, my husband Josh had to have emergency dental work mid-week, so needless to say, I wasn't melting a whole lot! I am here to share some melts this morning, though!
-Butterfly Lane's Mountain Cider: increeeeeeeeeedible. Seriously one of the best fall blends ever, by any vendor. I melted this in the bedroom, it is such a fantastic scent. Perfect for transitioning to fall.
-Lake Providence Lodge's Strawberry: A lovely, sweet scent. This may rival Carol's fresh picked strawberry for my favorite strawberry scent! This one is a touch sweeter than hers, but man, it packed a punch!
-CFTKR's Cinnamon Fire: Grabbed this when Carol opened a week ago and I LOVE IT. It is all cinnamon, all the time. It might not be whole-house super strong (or maybe it is, we had to have the air conditioner on because it was 90 DEGREES YESTERDAY), but it smelled wonderful in the bathroom. You have to be a true spice lover for this one.
-CFTKR's Mulled Cider: This is an always and forever repurchase from Carol, and since my first bag was getting low, I decided to get a spare because, you know, mulled cider. I love cinnamon and apple scents, and this has 'em both. Good for all different times of the year because it is a people pleasing scent!
I will be sending out a random act of kindness this week, but don't want to go into too much detail here because they might be reading. Also, I wanted to say a special thanks to Amanda, who sent me a lovely little package complete with a drink coozy she made herself! It is adorable and has a pumpkin on it. She clearly has a ton of talent with a needle and thread! Thank you SO much, Amanda! <3

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  1. Seeing everyone ordering from CFTKR has me kinda wanting to order too. Maybe I'll try for some Christmas scents.

    Uh-oh for Josh. Chomped down on too many movie popcorn kernels? Hope it wasn't to traumatic for him...or you! I know we both belong to that dentaphobia club. lol


    1. I feel like Carol's consistency is always the #1 reason why I order. I have a 2 year old bag of mulled cider and it smells exactly like the new one I ordered (albeit a little less strong). You should try for some Christmas blends, she makes a mean pine tree scent!

      Josh has had messed up teeth for a while now, he had a nub where one of his teeth broke after having a crown, and the nerve was exposed, so he was up all night with the pain. Called and was luckily able to get in, but alllllll the work he needs is going to be a big, big hunk of change. No more needless expenses kind of big. I actually dropped him off at the dentist and came's gotten so bad I can't even go inside the dentist anymore. :O

  2. Oh no! I hope Josh is ok now. Dental procedures are the worst, especially emergency ones. Hoping he got some relief though. I am so excited about your movie festival!! I hope it went well. Have you blogged it yet?

    Where has this Cinnamon Fire been all my life?! It sounds marvelous. Another one I will add to my wish list for maybe her holiday opening. Nice melts! I love my pumpkin coozie too, very snuggly. Now only if our weather would get snuggly.


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