Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Off Topic Tuesday: A Post About Reading

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read." ~Groucho Marx
There have been several times in my life where I thought I needed to read more.
I go through phases of finishing a book and moving quickly on to the next, but then, for some reason, I stop in lieu of technology, or TV, or....well, nothing.

There's really no excuse for my lack of enthusiasm when it comes to books.
I've mentioned before that my love of books and reading came somewhere between 6th and 9th grade, when school forced me to read some BS drivel that I had no interest in finishing.

There are so many freaking books out there, this is obvious.
I feel like if I'm not reading, I am missing out on some great experience.
The thing is, as an adult, I have discovered that I really do like reading.
(I prefer writing, though. I am a much better writer than I am a reader. But that's beside the point.)
I can be transported to a world beyond the pages, to a place where my imagination runs wild, where I can see the characters and situations in my head...so why the resistence?
As mentioned above, I blame technology. It's much easier to pick up my phone or put on a movie or scroll around online than it is to invest time, effort, and thoughts into a book.

Bottom line: I need to change this way of thinking.

Almost one year ago on this blog, I wrote a post about the books I wanted to read last summer. Looking back on it now, I see I have only read one of those books. ONE. And my list was only 8 books long! I know some of you go through that many books in a matter of a few weeks.

My post today, a year later, is about how to get into it.

  • What makes you love reading? 
  • What books affirmed your love of reading?
  • What are the best books you have ever read?
  • Is it wrong for adults to want to read books meant for young adults? Because seriously, I love "The Hunger Games." (My answer to this is NO, by the way)
  • Do you read a book and then want to go watch the movie to compare?
  • Do you have any tips or tricks for people "just" getting into reading? 
  • Any tips or tricks to stay focused on reading?
  • Do you do anything while reading? Maybe have a candle going (AHHHH, SEE??? We cannot escape the world of wax)? Do you drink tea or coffee?
  • When do you read? At night, in the morning, any time you get a spare moment?

If I have missed any questions, please feel free to add to my list. I am at a crossroads in my imaginative life here, folks. I NEED TO START READING!!!


  1. Some people just aren't readers. Nothing wrong with that as long as you're not trashing people who ARE. =P

    I've always been a reader. My 1st grade teacher was sending higher level grade books home for me to read outside of class, with notes for my parents to let me read read read. I did fizzle out of reading in my 20s because I was busy with a new hubby and then having babies and learning how to be an adult. I did come back to it once my kids were in school, and it's funny because it was HARD to stay focused and keep going. I had to sort of retrain my brain how to get back into books.

    I don't see anything wrong with adults reading YA or even middle-grade books. If you watch any of the BookTubers (on YouTube) you'll see there is huge interest in both. Middle-grade are fun because they're quick and easy, sort of cleansing the palatte (spell?) before diving back into something more involved.

    Tip to get started.......start easy, and something you're interested in as opposed to what you think you *should* be reading.

    I read on breaks at work and before bed each night. I'm also a slow reader who absolutely has to 'be' in the story. I'm not at all impressed when people brag that they read a 500 page book in a matter of hours.

    Curious thing about books vs movies..... the books I love almost never satisfy me in movie form, but books I was only iffy about are usually much better as movies. lol


    1. Thank you for your comment! I would never even think of trashing readers just because I am not one/trying to be a better one, do people actually *do* that?! Jerks!

      The idea of retraining the brain to read is an interesting one. I think I have seen this in my uncle: he was never the reading type, and then all of a sudden, he was! And he reads CONSTANTLY now! I know it's in there somewhere, the predisposition to want to read. :)

      How long do you read before you go to sleep? A long time ago, didn't they do a study somewhere that says it's better for people to disconnect for 20+ minutes before dozing off to sleeping land? I buy that! Does that include Kindles, though, because them I'm screwed since that's how I read. :P

      I love that great saying, "don't judge a book by its crappy movie," LOL. Josh does not agree with this, but it's hard to be satisfied with a movie if it's not what matches the image in your head!

      Starting easy is a good idea! I feel like I have missed out on a lot of the "classics" in lieu of newer books. There shouldn't ever be judgment passed on what someone reads so long as they are reading! My mother-in-law would probably be disappointed I stopped reading for so long because she was a teacher and was *always* reading something.

    2. There are indeed people who trash readers. A couple guys in particular at work are always making comments about what a waste of time it is, how they 'have a life,' how my brain will go to mush. We had a discussion about it all the other day, and I pointed out that just because THEY don't like to read doesn't mean it's a waste of time. I pointed out to one that he likes to go hunting and raise chickens, and that while I have absolutely no interest in that I still don't think it's a waste of time. "Your hobby is hunting. Mine is reading."

      And as for his point about my brain going to mush? He's one of the most ignorant, big talking, racial profiling rednecks I know. Don't worry about MY mind, dickhead.

      I also hate it when people feel it's ok to keep talking to you when you're reading, because they feel like you're not doing anything. *GRRR*

      How long do I read before bed? Depends. If I'm already really tired it might only be a page or two. If it's a big hard cover book that's uncomfortable to hold in bed, it might only be a few pages. But if it's a good enough book where I don't want to put it down I might lay there reading for an hour before setting it aside.


  2. Great questions!!! Can I recommend a fun easy to read but engaging book? Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. Sorry if spellings are wrong.
    On to the questions! I love reading classics, YA, middle school, adult fiction (NOT THAT kind of adult) :-) anything really.
    I used to be a more prolific reader until about a year ago when I got back into social media. My attention span suffered a bit and I DID have to retrain my brain to focus even on a good book. I had to set aside an hour or two to put my phone away and read quietly. I like to read in the bath (which you don't do lol), in bed while Adam watches tv, or when girls are occupied by other activities.
    I do like to drink tea or coffe.
    I like reading under blankets.
    I have a bookworm buddy who blogs now and we do the whole"read a book, watch the movie" date night together. It makes it fun.
    I love to read to escape into new worlds, to expand my knowledge (learning a lot about Russian history) and to relax.
    Books that I adore: Outlander (beware it is a behemoth), Harry Potter, The Hobbit, To Kill A Mockingbird, Wolf Hall, Pillars of the Earth.
    Books that are fun: Graceling, A Great and Terrible Beauty, City of Bones,
    The Raven Boys, Lightening Thief, Eragon, Odd Thomas.
    I hope you find some that hook you :-)
    My friend blogs on here with a few other girls.


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