Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Swift & Supersonically Snappy Short Review #25: Butterfly Lane's Celtic Moonspice

Can you feel it? (Commmmmmmmmmmmin' in the aaaaaaaaaaaaaair tonnnnnnnight???)
*sniff sniff*
Fall is coming, folks!!! It's so close I can almost taste it!!
Butterfly Lane's Celtic Moonspice
Cold Rating: 7/10
Lit Rating: 7.5/10
Throw Rating7.5/10
Overall Rating7.5/10; all my favorite fall spices and homeyness wrapped up into one splendid scent. Cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, oh my! Pretty great throw, lingering smell. Lasted 6 hours in the bedroom. Not as strong or prominent as other vendors' wax with the same scent. Waiting for the heat and mugginess to arrive...oh wait, it is already here and has been here for a month. UGH. No me gusta the heat. Getting my hopes us for fall every year only to have it not last very long. Vendors opening and closing and opening again. Glad to have the chance to buy more of her products before fall!


  1. The Fall Slut is ashamed once again in the weakness of others in regards to melting fall scents early. Fall scents, which are sacred. Fall scents, which should be handled with respect, not tossed around willy nilly like it's, uh, Pink Peppermint or something. The Fall Slut must turn away.

    ~The Fall Slut

    1. I love that The Fall Slut has rules, but I needed some cinnamon in my life! Please, Your Excellence, forgive me! ;)

  2. Mmmmm!!!! Celtic moon spice!!!!! I need to stock up on this scent from somewhere. Who has the best Celtic in your opinion?

    1. CFTKR has my favorite celtic moonspice, but RG and FP are close seconds. I also really liked the celtic moonspice from this vendor, but wish it would have been stronger! I have some RG brittle, I will send you a piece! :)

  3. Hi Lauren <3 Yum! Celtic Moonspice is my all-time favorite spicy scent, hands down. It's such a warm, creamy cinnamon scent without having too much of a bakery note to it. What's the hip hap on BL, is she open again now?! RG, CFTKR and FP seem to have my favorite celtic moonspice scents, I think =) Take care!

    1. HI! I have missed you! How is everything going? Been melting anything? :)

      I am glad so many people love celtic moonspice, it's such a comforting scent. BL closed down at least twice and has just reopened her group page, I will invite you in there. CFTKR definitely has the best celtic moonspice, that's fo sho! Take care, don't be a stranger!

      PS: Are you watching Teen Mom this extended season?! Ohhhhh brother, lol!

    2. I've missed you all too! I've been well, hope you have too <3 Melting lots of wax but not ordering so much. Although, I've been getting the itch to stock up on fall scents as I always find myself wanting around this time of year =) Maybe I'll do a catch-up blog post one of these days.

      Celtic Moonspice is definitely a comforting scent. My favorite way to melt it is on it's own but it's awesome blended with bakery scents too. I'm exciting to see what's going on with BL! I've always heard such great things but have never been able to place my own order.

      YES! This season is probably my favorite of all. Jenelle pregnant again, Leah doped up and nodding off talking about hair dye for babies, Chelsea crying on the phone to daddy more than ever, and Kail isn't an insufferable wench anymore. I will always miss Keyfuh but that's some quality TV right there.


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