Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Random Post: "I Love Fall" Tag!

So, let me start off by saying I am sorry I have been neglecting this blog o' mine for the better part of the last 2 months. I need to get my posting schedule straightened out so I can stop doing huge posts with tons of reviews and focus on smaller, more in-depth reviews once again. I am also waaay behind on commenting on my favorite blogs, so please, don't think I am ignoring you! I just need to stop focusing so much on our movie blog. :)

Deb over at It's Always Something tagged me to do the I Love Fall tag, so here it is!


1. Favorite fall Starbucks drink?
The last few years or so, I have gotten over the pumpkin spice latte. I used to crave them, and now I only get 2 or 3 a year. I really love a good chai tea latte, but that's not seasonal. I also like the peppermint mocha which, again, isn't seasonal. Once a year, like candy corn, I am convinced (by myself) that the salted caramel mocha is a good idea and I order it only to be disappointed. Any additions or subtractions that would make that a good drink??

2. Favorite fall Bath & Body Works candle?
They don't carry it anymore (I don't think??), but a few years ago they made a candle called Autumn and it is freaking incredible. I love it! I also love Leaves and Spiced Apple Toddy, which comes out between Halloween and Christmas, but is still more fall than winter.

3. Favorite Yankee candle?
Home Sweet Home is always a sure bet. Cinnamon, spices, apples and perhaps some other fruits, you can't go wrong!

4. Favorite Thanksgiving food?
It's gotta be the turkey itself, but if I'm being honest, my favorite thing is post Thanksgiving dinner sandwiches. After you have your initial meal, which is usually in the early afternoon, provided you don't stuff yourself, you make a sandwich with turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and maybe some gravy on the side and go to town. Do this with a nice crusty bread, sourdough is my bread of choices for said sandwich. Hell yeah.

5. Hayride or corn maze?
Hayrides sound relaxing and fun, corn mazes sound like my (a fat kid's) worst nightmare.

6. Favorite fall Bath & Body Works soap?
Tough choice. Though it's not seasonal, I love the Black Cherry Merlot, which is all purpose, in my opinion. As far as fall soaps go, anything with a crisp leaves and apple scent will fit the bill.

7. Favorite horror/Halloween movie?
Horror movies, ehh? This is my specialty, movies! If we're kickin' it old school, it'd be a toss-up between "Poltergeist" and the original "Halloween," most likely. As far as new horror movies go, "The Mist" is pretty awesome. Kiddie movies are good, too, and we watch those on Halloween morning. My go-to is "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown," it's just not Halloween without it. On November 1st, we watch "The Nightmare Before Christmas," since we often debate whether it's more Halloween (for October viewing) or Christmas (for December watchin'), so we just settled on November. :)

8. Favorite candy to eat at Halloween?
Another tough question. You gotta love Reese's peanut butter pumpkins! Besides those, I love York peppermint patties. And call me weird, but I also love Smarties.

9. Favorite fall activity?
One day every year in October or early November, Josh and I wake up super early and go to our favorite breakfast joint and get pumpkin pancakes. Then, we go to our local pumpkin patch and spend the say feeding animals, going into the markets, and taking in the scenery. It's as close as we get to changing seasons in San Diego. ;)

10a. Pumpkin pie or apple pie?
Why so many food related questions?! Now I am hungry! I can make apple pie any time of the year, so I am inclined to say pumpkin pie, but it suffers the same problem as all pumpkin flavored things...it gets tiring real quick. So, I usually make both.

10b. Hot apple cider or hot cocoa?
I have to agree with Deb on this one, hot cocoa is much more winter-y, so I'll go with hot apple cider. Especially the stuff from Trader Joe's warmed on the stove with an extra cinnamon stick and some spiced rum.......not that I'm counting the days until that or anything....

And that's my tag! I tag Michelle from waxing about, Lynda (who doesn't have a blog, but can comment here!), and anyone and everyone who wants to share in the comments below!


  1. As I'm reading this I'm drinking a mug of TJ's apple cider :) My favorite Yankee scent is also Home Sweet Home. I have some in their home fragrance oil but my oils are completely neglected since I became obsessed with wax. Thanks for the fun tag.. I'll be brief though since I'm on my way to bed..

    1. Favorite fall Starbucks drink?
    I haven't been to Starbucks in over ten years so I'd have to say none. I'm a fan of Dutch Brothers.

    2. Favorite fall Bath & Body Works candle? I'm not big on candles and have never purchased a candle from B&BW.

    3. Favorite Yankee candle?
    My answer to 2. applies as well.

    4. Favorite Thanksgiving food? Yams; sliced and cooked in a mixture of brown sugar and butter. So good!!

    5. Hayride or corn maze? Both are fun

    6. Favorite fall Bath & Body Works soap? years ago I used to use their foaming hand soap (before I discovered handmade soaps)... I liked the cucumber melon scent.

    7. Favorite horror/Halloween movie? None. I've had enough horror in my life.. thank you very much. (fun fact... I found a dead body once. for real and yes, only once... lol)

    8. Favorite candy to eat at Halloween? do I really have to pick just one? milk duds, smarties, starburst, jelly bellies and on and on...

    9. Favorite fall activity? getting cozy on the couch and lost in a good book (does that count as an activity?)

    10a. Pumpkin pie or apple pie? apple, but only if it's homemade :)

    10b. Hot apple cider or hot cocoa? apple cider hot or cold!

    1. Love apple cider! Yams that are sliced and cooked in a mixture of brown sugar and butter oooooooooooooh boy, that sounds amazing!! Thank you for sharing! :)


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