Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wickless Wednesday: Trader Joe's Haul!

I seem to be on a more non-wax oriented pace these days, but don't fret! These random posts are mere sprinklings, I assure you. Pretty much every week, Josh and I go to Trader Joe's, which, if you're not familiar, is the greatest store in the history of stores. Since it is fall now, they have added a slew of pumpkin products and what seems like 100 more than they added last year. Well, I'm not complaining! ;)

Let us get into the haul, shall we?
Champagne is my favorite alcoholic beverage. There's something so splendid about bubbly. Asti is my favorite champagne. It's sweet, fruity, and goes with pretty much everything. This Gaetano D'Aquino Asti that we get at Trader Joe's is the best one. *drool*
Green chiles are good to have around the house for quick meals and snacks such as quesadillas, a quick addition to rice, to spice up some salsa, anything! We usually buy a couple of these at TJ's since they are a little bit cheaper than at the grocery store.
Josh is not a fan of a lot of different global cuisines, especially Indian food...well, naan doesn't count, it's basically bread. Indian Fare's Jaipur Vegetables is a decent substitute for when I am craving a delicious delicacy from far away. This stuff is chock full of cashews, green beans, paneer cheese, peas, potatoes and more, plus a little bit of rice, it makes for a great Meatless Monday meal!
No matter what the weather is like outside, it's always time for lemonade. The stuff from Trader Joe's just happens to be ultra delicious. They also have pink lemonade. Yum.
String cheese is for suckers. I repeat: string cheese is for suckers. I don't care, FIGHT ME. I'm kidding, sillies! We have been a little tired of mozzarella string cheese, so these mild cheddar snack sticks are perfect for a mid-afternoon treat with a tortilla or an apple or two.
I have espoused the wonderfulness of Trader Joe's Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate and I am still not tired of it. Most afternoons and some mornings, I have a cold coffee with vanilla creamer and milk. Sometimes half and half. Because I am a fat kid. This stuff is potent and delicious. It's even better cold.
Not sure if I have mentioned these before, but one of my new favorite items from TJ's are their roasted coconut chips. AGH! Dried and roasted little morsels of goodness. I could eat an entire package of these in one sitting, but I make it a point not to do this. Great in granola, on yogurt, or by themselves!
Pretty much every time we go to Trader Joe's, I have to pick up a box of Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper soup. It's the greatest soup ever made and is perfect the way it is, but it's even better with a little bit of cheese and a couple of croutons.
I've mentioned on this blog that I am in the beginning stages of trying homemade bar soaps. I am still a sucker for body wash, though, and TJ's Tea Tree Tingle is one of my favorites. Talk about a refreshing, invigorating bath! This stuff really does tingle! There's nothing better than peppermint, but it's even better when you're lathered in it. lol!
Another new TJ's product from the last few months. Skeptical at first, I read a ton of positive reviews about the potato chips with South African style seasoning. These are addictive! Great alone or with dip, the seasoning on these chips is unique, smokey and a refreshing change from sour cream and onion or salt and vinegar or plain. Yum!
We are huge fans of dried fruit, so on a whim, we picked up the soft & juicy mandarins. Oh. Em. Gee. Sweet, juicy, fruity, another addicting product. We often eat these in lieu of dessert.
Josh and I love making our own homemade pizzas. We have taken to making them in a skillet, which gives it a nice crusty exterior. We tend to add our own spices and some extra tomatoes to this fat-free pizza sauce to make one delicious base for our pizzas.
Has anyone told you about the benefits of baking soda? Besides cooking and baking, I mean? Well, I use it for all sorts of cleaning around the house! One is for food, one is for my cleaning caddy. Yes, I have a caddy with cleaning products. How annoying am I?
If you're like me, you love peanut butter. but have you heard of cookie butter? It is delicious, but not good for you, so use sparingly if you try it. Well, Trader Joe's has done it again with Cookies & Creme cookie butter. Holy and Moly! Oreo cookie butter?! This stuff is freaking incredible!! The chocolate part of much better than the creme part, but together, oh's insanely good. I hope they make ice cream featuring this stuff.
And last but not least, these iced pumpkin scone cookies are spicy, dense and addicting. They really are a combination of scones and cookies! And they are the perfect little size so that you only need two to be satisfied. I love pumpkin cookies!

Do you love Trader Joe's as much as we do? Any products stand out to you as things we should try? Have you bought any recent products from the store you want to rave about? Let us all know in the comments!


  1. I just came back from Trader Joes a couple hours ago :) I've been curious about the coffee concentrate and will be picking some up along with the Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper soup!! I'm a lemonade lover too, but always get the carton found in the refrigerated section. Loved the South African Style chips... they were really good! A few of my favorite items which came home with me today; white cheddar popcorn, pomegranate seeds, spicy jalapeno chicken sausage, raw walnuts, very green juice smoothie, pulled chicken in smokey bbq sauce, and frozen naan :)) I'll be going back in a day or two because I'm dyin to try that soup!

    1. It's so glad I have someone to talk to about TJ! I love finding out about their new products and their old ones. The white cheddar popcorn is good, and also, the popcorn with the caramel and cheese popcorn mixed together? OMG, SO ADDICTING. I hope you like the roasted red pepper and tomato soup, it's so good. The frozen naan is also a staple in the house, Josh loves it, too! I will need to try those jalapeno sausages, yum. Gotta love TJ's!


  2. Ah ah ah! *shaking finger* Remember the champagne conversation we had not so long ago? That is sparkling wine. YOU'LL BE SUED! =P

    I absolutely love food hauls. I don't have a Trader Joe's near me. My one whiny request though is to back up the pics a bit. I'd like to see more of the actual product/packaging, not just the labels. (I'm a demanding whiner, I know.)

    And I love the random posts just as much as the wax posts. It's hard to be all wax, all the time.


    1. AGH! You're so right about the champagne! Plz don't report me. ;P

      I am glad you like food hauls, this one was on the fly as I unpacked my groceries. I will move back a bit in my photos! Sometimes I wonder if I should take the products out of the packaging, but then ultimately decide against it because people don't want to see meat up close, LOL.

      I will keep up with the random posts. :)


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