Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Subscription Box Corner: September 2014 Treatsie Box Review!

Ummm, in case you haven't noticed, I am waay behind on my posts. Sorry again, friends! I have my September Treatsie box to share with you today. Treatsie is the monthly subscription box that sends you candies and treats to your doorstep! Yay!
Cute blue paper with their labeling. I really like their brand's font, and I know that's probably silly, but it's fun and twirly!
As with most subscription boxes, a card of its contents is usually around somewhere. It looks like Treatsie also runs promotions for gift cards on Instagram, very cool!
The box in full! Upon first glance, I was 50/50 about what was inside. Let's go a little deeper into this stuff!
I received 3 different types of Bequet Caramels. Salted Mocha was my least favorite. Yuck! There was something really nasty as an undertone anyways, but then when I bit into it, it tasted like grossly over-buttered popcorn. 2/5.
Oh. Em. Gee. These Celtic Sea Salt Bequet Caramels were flipping incredible. There is something so amazing about warm, deeply rich and buttery caramel and delicious salt. Definitely a 5/5 product.
The Soft version of their caramels are sweet, lovely, and truly melt in your mouth. Wonderful, but a little one-note. 4.5/5.
While I love the idea of Quince & Apple small batch preserves from the upper midwest, I was not a fan of the tart cherry and white tea flavor. The label said it had hints of floral notes, but that's all I tasted. This is not like your normal jam. It's very liquid-y, and the cherries were not tarts at all Meh. 2.5/5.
The J&M Foods Triple Chocolate Cookies are crunchy, crumbly, and not super sweet enough though they have both white and dark chocolate chips. I wish they were a bit softer, but these were pretty good. 3.5/5.

Hope you enjoyed this look into my September Treatsie box! I was slightly less impressed with this box that I was with the first one I received, but I am going to stick with it. The only other thing I am slightly miffed about if that most of the boxes are barely over what you pay for them, unlike the PopSugar Must Have box or ipsy. It's alright for now, I guess! :)

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