Thursday, October 30, 2014

Haul: Sniff My Tarts Haul #5!

In honor of Sniff My Tarts opening this past weekend (though they are now closed), I figured I'd share my months-old haul.

This is my fifth haul from Sniff My Tarts in the last 2.5 years. They aren't always open, in fact, they are a vendor you need to follow on Facebook in order to see when their openings will take place. I love their wax, and while am not a fan of the huge TAT (as in longer than 4 months), I am usually am not one to complain about it, I will just sit quietly and wait my turn. As I mentioned, this haul is several months old and I am just getting around to sharing it. SORRY! I know, I know, I am a failure, but maybe you can find some nice blends in this post for the next time they open!
While I love the fact that I can order entire sheet cakes (aka MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF WAX) from SMT, I need to just realize that I hate, no, loathe cutting wax. It's a royal pain in the ass. So often I get caught up in the hype of buying these massive amounts that I forget how much disdain I have for my wax cutter. Anyways, SMT makes one of the best pink peppermints out there, so I am glad to have a ton of it, even if it means cutting it. It is crisp but sweet, and super strong. ALWAYS a repurchase!
With each SMT order, you can get up to 3 bags of these cute popsicle tarts. Again, they needed to be cut, but how can you resist something this adorable? I am realizing most key lime pie scents are just too crusty smelling for me, and this is really no exception, but the rainbow sherbet and raspberry lime work to drown it out as best as possible. I am not very creative at blending, but this isn't half bad. I probably didn't need 4.5 oz of it, though. Not sure if I'd get this particular blend again.
Their strawberry scent is another awesome one, and I saw that someone in the SMT group page recommended blending their fresh strawberry with cotton candy bliss. Uh, YEAH! So I did, and it's amazing. Very sweet but still manages to be fruity, love this one and will repurchase it. Karen, if you're reading, I totally forgot I had fresh strawberry in a blend until I went to make this post. Sorry! :(
I'm not 100% sure what type of cake oil they use, but Sweet 16 mixed with juicy watermelon and sweet cake is a brilliant blend! Love this one, too, and may even get chunks in this next time they open. My slight like of bakery is increasing by the day.
Peppermint is a staple in this house, as is pink sugar. Spearmint, up until lately, has been something I avoided because of a bad gum experience (don't ask). But, mixed with peppermint and pink sugar, this blend was incredible! Relatively strong but not so much that it was distracting, I am already done with this bag of chunks and repurchasing it. So good!
Do you like cake batter? Do yourself a favor and try ice cream cake batter. It's more creamy, more decadent, and more delicious. I LOVE ice cream cake batter, wildberry mousse, and pink sugar each on their own, so why not combine them? I have yet to melt this, but on cold sniff, whoooooooooa nelly! Wildberry mousse's creaminess is elevated when mixed with ICCB. Yum!
Unfortunately, cotton candy/watermelon/orange sherbet  was not a hit for me, and I don't know why. We like all of these scents individually, but together, it was just too sweet and artificial for us. Oh well, better luck next time. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this blend other than it's not to our taste, so I will be gifting these to those I think might enjoy them more than we did!
A staple, apparently! A ton of my waxy friends love this blend, so I decided to get in on it, too. It is lovely! The orange chiffon is subtly citrusy when mixed with the cake note, and the vanilla tones it all down. The pink sugar is also an excellent addition (but when is it not?). Love and will repurchase!
What's better than juicy watermelon? Not very much! Other vendors have good honeydew watermelon blends, so I tried to create my own, with pink sugar of course! This is juicy, fruity, strong, and delicious. Need to melt this asap!
Unfortunately, this was not the scent I was looking for, but it's still okay! Flower Shop, if you're not familiar, is the greatest Bath & Body Works candle ever created. EVER. AND THEY GOT RID OF IT. I'm not bitter. Anywho, this is a very sweet floral and had a decent throw, but not a repurchase.

Also, I did receive some samples, but they were melted by the time I made this post. When SMT reopened this weekend, did you order? What did you get? Please share your haul and thoughts on SMT!


  1. Pink peppermint sheet cakes!!! Bust it up lady! Gotta melt that beauty! I am taking note of the pink wildberry cream blend. I bet I would like it. Flower shop is pretty. Thank you for letting me try it. <3 I did order but not nearly as much. In fact my order is less than half of my March order. But full of peppermint blends.

    1. So glad you liked Flower Shop! It was a bit too sweet for me. Pink wildberry ice cream cake batter is amazing, I will send you a chunk, I have tons left. <3 Peppermint blends for the win!!


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