Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Haul: Vintage Chic Scents November Haul!

Vintage Chic Scents has slowly risen many, many notches on my favorite vendor list in a short time. Kirby is the owner and many of you know her from her days on YouTube. She has such a wonderful blend of scents, a vast scent list,  as well as excellent customer service and some of the best themes and packaging in the wax game. Lately she has been doing unannounced restocks but within a specific time frame (so, between 10 am and 4 pm CST on restock day). As long as you have your wish list filled out and have a quick trigger finger, ordering from her shouldn't be difficult. Let's explore my November haul, shall we?
Her very chic business card. One of my favs!
* Bluebird Cafe - Freshly picked strawberries.
Kirby sent me two samples. To my knowledge, she's not letting customers pick their samples anymore, which is probably better for her. The first is Bluebird Cafe, which smells sweet and fabulous. I have a feeling I will melt this in the bedroom. It is quite nice alone, but might be even better when added with her marshmallow scents.
* The Grinch - Cranberry Mulberry Orange Moscato
I actually ordered a 3-pack of this scent, so scroll down for more on this one.
The size difference between the gigantic poinsettia tarts, her flower tarts, and her 1 ounce samples.
* It’s a Wonderful Life - Comforting warm spices including clove, nutmeg and cinnamon
The first thing I wanted to make sure I ordered was her Christmas Films sampler. Each and every scent in the sampler sounded amazing, something that is rare for a pre-made combination of tarts. It's a Wonderful Life smells wonderful, how can you go wrong with nutmeg, cinnamon and clove? There is a little something in this tart that is strange to my nose, but I'm sure it'll go away while melting!
* Holiday Inn - Holiday wassail drink filled with mulled apple cider, cranberry orange and cozy spices
Here we come a'wassailin'! Holiday Inn is lovely as well, a splendid melange of spices, apples and slight orange and cranberry. I have cut these huge flowers into 4 pieces and have already melted one part of this. Yum! It has a medium strength in the bathroom.
* Miracle on 34th Street - Cranberry Apple Pear (this scent is somewhat clean)
This one definitely does smell clean, but the fruitiness is nice, too. I don't mind tarts that are a combination of fruity and clean. I mainly get apple and cranberry from this scent, and the pear seems minimal on cold sniff.
* Meet Me in St. Louis - Warm vanilla and brown sugar with figs swirled with glistening snow
This one could very well be a dupe for B&BW's Brown Sugar & Fig, but I'm not too sure it's exact. There is a note to this that my nose doesn't like, but I will melt it anyway! It still smells good until you sniff good and hard down deep into the scent. Does that make any sense or does it just sound pervy?
* The Addams Family - Leaves (BBW Type)
Leaves is one of my favorite candles from B&BW. This smells a bit different, but at its core, it still has all the same components of the candle. Maybe it's not crispy and crunchy enough (like leaves)? I don't know, but I still think it will be okay!
* Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - Tangerine, Cranberry and Cotton Candy Frosting
Apparently I was on a cranberry kick when I ordered from VCS this day? Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde smells sweet, sassy and fun. Cotton candy frosting is such a wonderful scent, rich and candy-like at the same time. I might melt this today, even! (And I did and it was wonderful, but medium strength)
* The Grinch - Cranberry Mulberry Orange Moscato
The Grinch is a bright and bubbly fruit mix! Very strong on cold sniff. I don't get much mulberry from this, though, but it's still nice and sweet. It makes me want champagne, stat.
* Central Park Snow Globe - Peppermint Creme Noel
Peppermint and vanilla bean noel? Uhh, YEAH! This is a bit light on cold sniff, but what I do smell is still creamy with hints of peppermint. Yum. I can melt this in the bathroom and the bedroom at the same time since I got 2 packs!
* Ebenezer - Icy Peppermint and Crisp Pine
The peppermint in Ebenezer is wonderful, very crisp and mixes well with the pine, which is there, but isn't overly in your face. Love this one!
* A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving - Sweet Potato Pie, Toasted Marshmallow, Sugar Cookies and Caramel Cupcakes
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is one of my favorite cartoons, it's hilarious and classic! When I saw this scent, I had to have it on name alone. Unfortunately, it's a mix of scents I typically avoid, just my luck, lol. Her marshmallow scent is amazing, though, so this started out just wonderful when I melted it, but faltered from there, and it's only because of me and scents I dislike. I'd give this a 6/10.

And there's my late November Vintage Chic Scents haul! Have you ordered from this company? Do you like it? What's your favorite scent from VCS?


  1. Brown Sugar & Fig is easily one of my top 2 BBW fragrances ever. Meet me in St. Louis definitely sounds like a great scent. I've gotten a few VCS tarts in destashes, but have never ordered myself, perhaps after the Holidays I'll have to see what I can find and order during a restock.

  2. Awesome VCS haul!!! Central Park Snowglobe was the one I kept looking at but decided to hold back. Sounds like you got some nice scents (except that one that hides something funky in it's inner waxy heart). If huffing deeply makes use pervvy then so be it.

    My favorite VCS scent is probably Mamma Mia.

  3. VCS makes some pretty tarts!! After the disappointment in her grand opening, and throwing away $50, I can't get myself to order from this company again :/

    1. I think this is what has kept me from ordering... I didn't order for the grand opening, but after hearing reviews, it just put a flag up from tempting me to place an order. But after receiving a few in destashes and hearing about improvement, I am definitely inching towards placing an order.

  4. Nice haul. VCS has really impressed me. I've gotten several of her tarts through the generosity of others, but have only ordered once myself. If I ever do get back to ordering wax again, I might place another order there. I think Lucy & Ethel is still my favorite scent from her, of those I've tried so far, but that butterscotch one I had recently was pretty darn yummy!


    1. VCS has definitely come into their own after a few tweaks and changes. I hope you are able to place an order when you start ordering again! Until then, I'm sure you'll get some from friends! :) :)

  5. Oh how I miss Kirby's wax. I haven't ordered VCS in a while. So many of these sound AMAZING to me. Great order! :)


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