Friday, December 19, 2014

Random Post: KBShimmer Winter 2014 Nail Polish Haul!

I'm back, and rather soon after from my last polish haul! A few weeks after KBShimmer put out their fall polishes, they came out with some winter ones! Of course, I jumped on the chance to get a few of these beauties. Here's my haul!
I received a nail file with my order. This is a simple one, nothing fancy, but their logo is on the back of it!
When KBShimmer first opened for their winter polishes, the first X amount of customers received these snowman glitter nail art pieces! Super generous! I can't wait to use them...once I figure out what to do with them :P
Another sugar scrub sample! This time it is in peppermint! I am stoked to try this one.
As part of their current ongoing sale, if you purchased $60 or more, you got a free polish! WHAT! Now, you were supposed to enter a coupon code once you added the polish to your cart. I didn't do that and cut my losses. So, when I pulled this out of the bag, I was floored! I know they said they weren't doing changes after orders were placed, so it was so cool to get this even though it was my error. This is Holly Back Girl, a Christmas glitter twist on their flecked white cream polish. LOVE! This would be good on white, or perfect on its own. Fun!
Merry Pinkmas combines pink and Christmas? What's better!? A bubblegum pink crelly base is with green, red, white, and yellow glitters in all sizes. This polish is SO fun! I have worn this twice and have loved it both times. The polish needed 2-3 coats each time for an impactful amount of glitter spread throughout. Very cute.
Sugar Plum Faerie is another polish I took a chance on trying. As I mentioned in my fall polish haul, dark colors and Lolo don't always mix. I am pretty amateur at clean-up, and since darker colors produce more noticeable smudges, I stay away from darker polishes them. Sugar Plum Faerie is such a gorgeous medium dark purple, though, I couldn't resist. The lime green, pink and blue glitters also enticed me to get this one.
While this polish might look a little bit blue from the photo, Let's Sleigh Together is a grey crelly with blue and green glitters. Taking a page from their wonderful white polishes chock full of glitters, this grey is fun, but looks a bit thin, so we'll have to see how it applies. I'm sure it'll be fine since I've never really had a huge problem with their formula.
Snow Way, what could be better than a polish that looks like snowflakes?! I love the light blue background amongst the flakes and speckles! So cool. This lacquer might actually make me have a white Christmas since lord knows we don't get snow/weather here.
If you have read my blog for any length of time, you might know that I am not only obsessed with glitter and shiny things, but gold things as well. Dressed To Gild called my name when the swatches of it first came out online. And let me tell you, this DID NOT disappoint! Oh. Em. Gee. Dang, this polish is stunningly blingadocious. I cannot wait to wear it again.
Pine-ing For Yule features red star glitters and green triangular glitters in a clear base with extra glitter in silver, green and red. Triangles? In my polish?! Unique! This top coat is very festive and will look great on a white or gray background. Perfect for Christmas day! Half of the proceeds from the sale of this polish were donated to the Toys For Tots charity, so that was an even bigger incentive to purchase it!
AGH!!! All Decked Out is a melange of colored glitter plus gold stars in a dark green crelly base. Love! The dark green worries me a bit as far as staining and hard clean up, but it is worth it to get in the spirit of the season. The glitter amount on the website says "medium," but to me, this looks like an insane amount of sparkle! Amazing color. The shimmer the glitter brings this polish would be fabulous for a Christmas party or event.
Kringle All The Way looks like something straight from a Christmas Tree! It looks exactly like the bulbs shimmering against the Christmas lights. Ahhh, I love Christmas. This will be perfect over a white backdrop.

There's my haul! See anything you like? :)


  1. Merry Pinkmas made me think 'Ah, now Lauren has Pink Peppermint for her fingernails too!' lol

    I love the look of Sugar Plum Faerie but it was Snow Way that made my jaw drop. I am in SUCH a blue-silver-white mood for Christmas this year!!!

    Yer makin' me want to play with polish again, girlie.....


    1. LOL! It does look like a pink peppermint polish, huh!? Good call! :)

      I love that she spelled it faerie, too, gah, so gorgeous! Snow Way is even prettier in real life!

      Play with polish, Deb! You know you want to! :)

  2. Th gold glitter one caught my eye. I love gold for Christmas and New Year's Eve! GREAT nail polish haul. You are making me jones for some KBSHimmer.


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