Thursday, December 11, 2014

Random Post: KBShimmer Fall 2014 Nail Polish Haul!

A couple of months ago, KBShimmer, my favorite handmade indie nail polish brand, released her Fall 2014 collection. I purchased some of the colors she put out and am just getting around to sharing my haul with you! If you haven't tried KBShimmer's nail polish, I urge you to do so. She has such a fantastic formula and I have never had any problems with this brand (other than buying colors that don't look good on me). Let's see what I got. I'll start with the Fall polishes!
As with most of the times I have bought from KBShimmer, a few samplers were given to me! Yay! This is a small soap sample in the scent Lemongrass, and unfortunately, I have misplaced this. I have looked everywhere, but can't find it. I have heard good things about their soap!
KBShimmer has recently started making nail vinyls, and along with my order, I got a sample of these jagged little diddlybobs. Very cool, and I may use them in a Christmas manicure!
Also included was a sample of their sugar scrub in the scent Paradise. This is particularly intriguing as I have been loving sugar scrubs lately, but I want to finish the one I have before I move on to this sample!
And now, for the polishes! Up And Cunning...the pictures don't do it justice. It is a mix between a darker green and a darker blue, almost like a teal but much darker. This is another holo polish and I am smitten with it, but very nervous about wearing it. I figure, if I can't do the manicure with a dark polish without making a trillion mistakes, it's probably not the polish for me. Nude polishes are just so much nicer to look at from afar!
Hugs And Wishes is, again, another polish that my camera can't quite pick up on easily. This is a straight lavender polish, but it is much more vibrant in the bottle. Love this one and it will be great on its own, as an "undie" for a glitter or top coat, or in a fun little striped or decorated manicure.
Stonewashed  will be a wonderful polish to add to my collection. A navy blue that leans green, KBShimmer makes the most impressive cream polishes that are opaque in 1-3 coats. I can tell this will also be good for stamping!
Leaf of Faith is one of the reddest of red jelly polishes I have seen in person! It looks like a crisp apple straight off of the shelf...well, with tons of glitter, that is. I mean, LOOK AT IT. It's so shiny. This is very not like my to buy so many polishes I don't even know if I would like, but if I don't, I fully intend on giving it to a friend. <3
How You Dune is a "greige" polish that looks super gloppy from the outside, but is great to put on once you get past the initial look of it from the exterior. Greige, by the way, is gray and beige! I LOVE NEW WORDS!!!! This will be a really good under-polish for the most shimmery top coats.
Rust No One was a polish I took a chance on buying. Typically, I stay away from reds or red-leaning polishes because they are such a mess for the under-experienced polishers (AKA: ME) to clean up if you screw up. Well, I am glad I took the chance because this shade is incredible. It is much more pinky-orange on my nail and skin tone. This is another holographic polish in a long line of impressive holographic polishes from this company. LOVE!!
A Raisin To Live is an amazing burgundy with some sparkle to it, but nothing too blingy. Again, not my kind of color, but I have worn this and ended up liking it! Very dark and could stain the nails.
Jack was the perfect Halloween color this year! It is a black jelly base with tons of sparkly orange glitter. Very cool polish. The amount of glitter in KBShimmer's polishes astounds me!
This polish was the disappointment of the bunch for me, and I want to stress that. Flannel Surfing is one of the coolest named polishes, but on my skin and nails, it just doesn't work well. The light blue is pretty, and it usually works for me, so I guess I don't like the glitter and the colors it contains. Oh well! Does anyone like this one or is it just me?
HOLY MOLY! Kiss And Spell is such a fun top coat polish! Full of bright lime green, orange, purple and black dots and stars and hexes, this is perfect for Halloween and beyond. Super cute and a good ol' time!

There's my fall KBShimmer polish haul! Have you tried this company? Are they in your top favorite handmade indie brands? I know they are #1 on my list!


  1. Awesome polish haul!! I dig all these colors. I hope you give the darks a chance, maybe they will behave and not pool on you. Greige is one of my favorite nail polish colors. Report back on their body care! Hope you find that soap lol! BTW, I do like that Flannel Surfing. It think it looks cool.

    1. Their polish is so awesome! I really need to be accepting about those dark colors. Nudes are just so easy! I am glad you like Flannel Surfing. ;) ;) ;)


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