Sunday, December 7, 2014

Swift & Supersonically Snappy Short Review #50: Lake Providence Lodge's The Lodge's Kitchen

You know those days you wake up feeling miserable and then find greatness early in the morning??? Yeah...that pretty much sums up the morning I melted this.
The Lodge's Kitchen - A mixture of all the spices and ingredients used to prepare the cookies and pies baking in the Lodge’s oven. 
Lake Providence Lodge's The Lodge's Kitchen
Cold Rating10/10
Lit Rating: 10/10
Throw Rating: 10/10
Overall Rating: 10/10; the absolute definition of perfection in wax. Incredible cold sniff smell, even more amazing warm sniff smell. Spicy for sure, with traces of light bakery, apples and sweetness, holy cow, this melt is phenomenal! Lasted an entire day, mainly because I didn't want to dump it. Strong, lasting, brilliant blend of scents. Fall perfect, year round acceptable. Not knowing what a lodge smells like. Never having been to a lodge. Would make the perfect snowy day tart. Simple labels, clean looking wax, wonderful scent cups where the wax doesn't stick to the plastic. Lake Providence Lodge = my new top 5 favorite vendor. Etsy overcharging for shipping, but awesome vendor refunding charges if over $1. TRY THIS VENDOR!!!


  1. Niiiice!!! Ok. I seriously need to buy something from this vendor. Next year! Next year I say. Never been in a lodge either. Assuming snowy ski lodge. Not smelly old Elks lodge or Moose lodge.

  2. This is a scent I plan on trying in my second order. Sounds so good!!!

    1. Please do! It is amazing!!

    2. I will, I will :) Right after Christmas is over

      Have you tried any of these...
      Autumn Spice, Cinnamon Creek, The Cabin, Sugar Cookie, Cinnamon Rolls, Country Cottage, Cupcake, Toasted Vanilla Bean, Tree-lined Trail, The Grove, Lemon Fluff Cake, or Glazed Orange Cake?
      I have these on my want to try list but would love to hear your opinions if you've tried any!


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