Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Swift & Supersonically Snappy Short Review #62: Alamo Candelaria's Vintage

I think it's safe to say I have found the tart version of Bath & Body Works' greatest scent ever, London Calling.
Alamo Candelaria's Vintage
Cold Rating10/10
Lit Rating: 10/10
Throw Rating10/10
Overall Rating10/10; the greatest scent on Earth, nay, the solar system. The exact duplication of my favorite candle, but in tart form! YAY! Tea and lemon, seriously. Black, hot steeped tea mixes in an intoxicating fashion with not a cleaner lemon, but a zesty, wonderful, fruity, fragrant and delicious lemon. 4 huge tarts to one roll. SO FREAKING STRONG!! 10/10 in ever sense of the phrase. No lie, this tart lasted 2 days. 2 DAYS!!! Being able to buy in bulk. Wonderful embeds and designs. Top notch, the best packaging from any vendor. Classy, themed, mature, brilliant. Scent names invoke such a powerful description on their own. Vintage tea time. Wanting to try candied, preserved lemons. Not being able to find my favorite tea. Loving black tea, give me suggestions. Such a tremendous scent, I cannot think of enough descriptor words to say how wonderful it it. <3 <3 <3 <3


  1. Alamooooo!!!!!>shouting like Will Farrell in Roxbury-EMILIO!!< how awesome!!!! Your 10/10 have been knockouts for me too. Can't wait to melt this bad boy. Candied lemon. Mmmmm. Is this like candied orange peel or candied ginger? Must needs find this.

    1. Candied lemon! It is like candied orange peel.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmm....I saw it on Pinterest some time ago and have been OBSESSED with the thought of it. LOL @ EMILIO! I LOVE that movie!! Melt this one sometime soon, I wanna know if it's just me!

  2. Oh Lauren! I'm salivating and hoarding the one you sent me until I can get my hands on more. It smells so divine, without even melting it. I, too, want this in bulk!

    1. The only way to have this is in bulk! But, unlike B&BW, I don't think Alamo will yank the scent any time soon! MMMM, so good!!


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